The One Where: The Celtics are Very Close To Being Elite


Following the Celtics today, and I think that with the loss of Ray Allen, they are a piece away from being title contenders. Yes, they may be playoff threats but with the players in place now (unless we see monster seasons from Melo and Sully(yeah that nickname’s gonna stick big guy)). However, they won’t be able to keep up with the Heat, or the Derrick Rose-run Bulls; not to mention the 76ers? Year older, more poised? or the Hawks? Nets? Knicks? Pacers?

All threats nowadays.

But what can the Celtics do to get past these teams? What do they need?

Obviously the Celtics have the leagues best point guard. He is Mr. Triple-Double. No arguments about it. Derrick Rose is unbelievable, but he doesn’t do the same things as Rondo. CP3 has Blake Griffin to toss it up to when he gets harassed, plus he’s a great shooter. Russell Westbrook has the 2nd best player in the league to distract teams with.

Rondo has…. an aging Paul Pierce, sorry Paul. An aging Garnett, no apologies until you bring us 18… please! Now no Ray Allen. So he does it all, just look at the playoffs.

So the Celtics need someone else.

Could that someone come as Courtney Lee or OJ Mayo?

Let’s hope its one of them, not none.

Unfortunately Avery Bradley is out for the foreseeable future, so they could use a spot starter, and hope for a competitive battle between the two shooting guards.

OJ Mayo can bring the house down with some of his dunks, and he is a play maker. Which, maybe the Celtics don’t need, they have plenty on their team. But they could use him to his fullest.

Courtney Lee is what you are missing from Ray Allen, but no not nearly as good. Although Lee is younger a full 10 years younger which is certainly an upside.

They need to get one of them, and perhaps try to entice a sign and trade with Brandon Bass and try to lock OJ or Courtney for longer than the year or two we would give them as of now.

There’s no doubt the Celtics need to add a piece or two to really compete, and they need someone young.


Something to think about: 

Would LeBron James have won a Championship by now if he had stayed in Cleveland?

I mean he had his best season this year, and he is 26. I think he could’ve been loved without the Heat, but he got greedy.


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