The One Where: The Pride of Lowell is Back!


Movie of the week time!

Well only movie this week time really. I toned it down a bit this week being busy and all. I only watched one movie, The Fighter (as well as a handful of Louie episodes).

For those of you who aren’t from new england,don’t know about Mickey Ward and his brother, Dickey, they are the two biggest things from Lowell since the industrial revolution.

They were both professional boxers and although Dickey never got over his 15 minutes and became a drug addict, he is and was loved in that Massachusetts suburb. As is his brother, Mickey who stayed straight even after his hero (Dickey) became a junkie. Mickey stayed straight and kept his family toghether although (in the movie) his mother favored Dickey over him.

The movie itself was great, clearly showing by the nominations it received, not to mention the star studded co-stars, Marc Wahlberg and Christian Bale. Wahlberg played Mickey the younger brother still fighting out of Dickey’s shadow. And Bale played the addicted and arrogant Dickey.

Both played their character’s very well, and were given the nod of approval of their real-life counterparts.

“High on Crack Street” an HBO documentary follows Dickey and his friends during the height of Mickey’s rise to fame, and Dickey (in the movie) thought the cameras were following him around to film his comeback. You see this during the movie and if you’ve seen both, you realize how interesting that really is. You see both “sides” of the story.

If you have never seen this movie then you will be in for quite the treat.


(I think this was better than my review of Ted…?)



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