The One Where: Your Move Little Man


Matt Forte and Ray Rice signed deals. So who’s next?

Is it the Patriots Wes Welker?

I hope not.

Woah! You might have just thought. I’m serious though we can’t have a liability like him on our team. Yes, he’s been the best slot receiver in the world since 2007, but he’s too risky. If there’s one thing we know about the Patriots its that they aren’t a risky team.

They don’t go balls to the wall, unless necessary. If we’re up by 17 in the third quarter; it’s Hoyer-time!

We are a careful team, and unless Kraft signs Welker to anything more than a 2 year deal, then we know the old man is off his rocker (that viral video reference).

Welker just needs to understand the organization’s point of view. They love him (except his lack of a ring) and the fans love him too, but there comes a time when even the biggest hero needs to step away. Welker, after this year is that time.

There are many reasons for that, besides what I’ve mentioned, the Patriots are moving on.

They’re are doing exactly what they need to in order to continue as a dominant team in this league. Their defense is young and on the rise. They have two young quarterbacks trying to burst into NFL action; only thing stopping them is Mr. Tom Brady, the most elite QB on the field right now. Plus we have two young tight-ends who barring injuries, are going to be dominant in years to come. They also have gotten a deep threat in Brandon Lloyd who is what we need. Not to mention the two youthful running-backs that have plenty of potential to carry the load while a younger QB tries to occupy Brady’s shoes when he is gone. Also a young mentoring offensive coordinator, soon (3-4 years) to be head coach who is familiar with the system and the organization, who will follow in Belichick’s great ways.

Sorry Welker, you don’t look like you are in our future plans. So, are you gonna hold out? or be a “good little foot soldier” and play your ass off for your next contract.

Prove us wrong little guy.


I’m the same height as him so what I call “little” is really just eye to eye for me.

Also don’t be an ass after this year and sign with the Jets. Just saying.


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