The One Where: I Might as Well Not Say Anything


Well they play with our hearts and minds; those Red Sox.

I am a die hard fan, I believed 0-3 in the series to the Yankees, I believed after a 18-9 loss in game 3. I believed in the ninth. I believed in Dave Roberts. I am a die hard Red Sox fan.

However the day in and day out battle between the team and our sanity is well, insane.

Win one day and they look like a world series team. We jump on their bandwagon and are ready to ride off into the sunset and onto the duck boats. We don’t need to look at what happened in the game but we say how good this team is and how far they’ll go. We wonder who they are going to add at the deadline. We speculate which of our players is MVP.

When they win, that is.

If they lose, which they have been (usually after a win); we jump off the bandwagon and on to their backs, blaming each and everyone of the players for the loss. We ask why can’t they play the way they are “supposed” to. We wonder why he looked tired. Why? Why? Why? We ask and badger for answers and dirt to blame a loss on. We are ready to sell any player not named Pedroia. We are ready to wrap up the season. We look at the Yankees and don’t understand how their players are so good against us. I mean what, Nick Swisher and Brett Gardener are a combined .260 career, but against the Sox they bat a near .657…

When we lose, it gets ugly. And fast.

If we miss the playoffs this year, I expect riots. I expect big changes for any player older than 29.

If we miss the playoffs, there’s always next year.


We will make a push at it. We have to.


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