The One Where: The Celtics Look Good


This one might be short because there is not much for me to say on the Celtics.

First off they are killing it in the summer leagues. Sure the leagues are filled with rookies and bench players but the Celtics have budding stars on the roster.

Each night I hear of news about one player or another stepping up and scoring 12+ in a quarter. Its always a different guy, which its hard to tell if that’s a good thing or bad. It’s good because the players are capable of doing so, but its bad that they can’t always do it on a consistent basis.

Word out of the Celtics camp is that Fab Melo and Jarred Sullinger are quickly improving.

Sullinger “Sully” is more honing his skills on guys that are NBA size and half the caliber. Meaning that this summer should boost his confidence. His offensive prowess and rebounding techniques are top-notch for a rookie. He’s consistently putting up 15+ points a game. And that’s without Rajon Rondo as point guard.

You can’t teach size, so Melo is nearly set there. But what the Celtics can and need to teach Fab is that he can score. And he is good enough to do it night in and night out. Apparently he’s been passing the ball very well. And that’s without Rajon Rondo as point guard.

It’ll be great to watch the Celtics feed this young talent to the NBA team.



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