The One Where: Holy Emma Stone!


Have you seen the new Spiderman?

Well you should! Also, Spiderman is the movie of the week! (Note: I have not seen TDKR yet and I’ll wait until the whole craziness to settle down). My thoughts and prayers to those in Colorado.

One, the story was better than all of the emo-gothic-Toby MacGuire-shit that was forced upon us. This one had Andrew Garfield a kinda cool photographer nerd as Peter Parker. He had a cool air about him in the movie. Then he became a bad ass Spiderman. He was great in the movie. The villain, was a mini-godzilla, I guess, he wasn’t quite the green goblin but wasn’t Godzilla either. He was a good villain nonetheless.

Secondly, and the main reason you should see it, if you’re a guy that is; is Emma Stone.

Woah… I did not think that she was a looker until that movie, her being the dude-like chick in Zombieland and a few random movies as well. In Spiderman though, woah… She was a good actress in it as well. She played the smarter-than-Peter girl character well and was drop-dead gorgeous throughout the movie. She was never “sexy” she played a 17 year old after all, but she had that cute-innocent hot thing going for her. And she was a blonde in the movie.

I like blondes. (*Wink*)




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