The One Where: Summer Hockey?


So there’s even less to report on the Bruins than last night’s about the Celtics…. but know that they signed Courtney Lee, I could dream about the matchups and all that.

But I’m sticking to my line up for days and topics. Today’s being Bruins.

The word on the Bruins is that they are not going to pursue Nash or Ryan. And that Lucic and Krejci are both untradeable.

I’m not 100% sold on this “you’re job is safe, now compete like it’s not” method. I think (because I’m a baseball player at heart, and a Red Sox fan who is skeptical about a few signings (Lackey, Dice-K, Crawford, on and on and on)) that this ploy for basically the entire Bruins team, might not be the best way to go.

Sure, the team knows they’re a team for a long time. That’s certainly good, gelling as a team together. However, it might create “lazy” play, that play being not hitting as hard or taking less risky plays. I don’t know, maybe that’s just a pessimistic approach toward the Bruins; because one thing this team is not, is lazy.

This “safe-job” thing might also be bad for the guys in the system. A great young player, let’s say a defensemen is doing really well in Providence, NHL ready, and he’s a Bruins fan at heart so he wants to play for the Bruins and the Bruins only. He looks up at the big league team and sees that the top six is set in stone, even a strong 7th defensemen has a firm hold on his job. That kid does one of two things: stops trying, or gets traded. Sometimes the latter happens and maybe we let the next coming of Bobby Orr slip through the cracks.

Drop the gloves.


The NHL has got to be the dumbest organization ever. Their proposal to the players for the new CBA?!? A joke.

The players, who significantly shorten their lives with each hit, who try harder than any other professional sport player, are supposed to take an 11% salary drop? Wow, looks like we might be moving into another lock-out.


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