The One Where: Defense is Coming


I might have mentioned in an earlier post about the Pats but I’ll reiterate; they are building the team around defense.

My point being that the defense is looking up from the dismal hole it was in the past two years. The Patriots are making their defense get better each year and with a really young defense that can only be good. If you’re like me and think that Brady/Belichick era is over in 3 years; then you might also notice that the defense is going to be in their primes when the “Evil Empire” is disbanded.

In three years time the Patriots defense will be in the top 10 in the league. With several shut down corners and bad ass linebackers and an intimidating d-line.

All of our secondary is young. And all were very productive in college, and are learning in the pros for now, eventually they will be feared.

Our linebackers are actually going to be scary from the starting MLB to our subs. Our OLBs are going to harass every QB and his tight end; they’ll have to play against the most dynamic in the league, not to mention a stud like Jake Ballard (thanks New York!). Linebackers, aside from Jimmy Graham won’t get past the Pats.

And then the line the D-Line is going to match up against the Giants’ line in a few years. They’ll clog every hole, bat down any pass and stuff every rusher. They will be dominant.

I expect big things from them, in a few years. When Tom Brady is gone we will rely on the 31st ranked defense in 2011; and I don’t see much turnover from that team.

Kickoff is soon.




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