The One Where: I’ll Give It A Week…


How ’bout them… sox…?

Ugh, jeez I don’t want to write them off because I’m not Dan Shaughnessy, (because he’s a respected writer and I’m a no one “blogger”, and from what I’ve heard, is ready to write them off before they step on the field).

I want to have hope they can turn it around. But I’m giving it a week. They need to go out and win 5 in a row. No options on it. Plus they’ll be playing against top notch teams. If they get going against good teams, look out world!

But If they don’t turn it around, I want a fire sale at the deadline. I mean, Beckett gone, Lester gone, Crawford gone, Sweeney gone, Nava gone. And, FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST: KELLY ‘FRIGGIN” SHOPPACH GONE!

Sell them all for a minor leaguer or two each, and maybe try a Lester for Garza, and a Beckett for Josh Johnson trade? Just cut the tumor out of the team. Its bringing us all down.

I’m sick of Valentine too, get rid of him now, call the season done and start building it up now and that way there can be good vibes leaving the season, and then coming into next year.

Start from your real BASEBALL players, Pedroia, Gonzo, Els, Middlebrooks, Salty, Buchholz, Dubrontosaurus, and bring up Iglesias and Lavarnway. Play out the season and see where it goes.

I get it that we are trying to hold on to the hopes that we can turn it around, but come on! We’re in LAST place… behind the (dare I say it?) Blue Jays… The season’s a lost cause Ben [Cherington]. Sell and get some young guys or pitching now and then see where your team can go, because clearly the club right now can’t win for their lives.

But that’s in a week, for now just play some real baseball guys.


Although, if we trade Lester and Beckett, they’ll do great wherever they go except the AL West, but if they are traded to the NL… expect outrage in Boston.


One thought on “The One Where: I’ll Give It A Week…

  1. Sean Breslin says:

    I figured this was going to be a rough season for the Red Sox…it’s going to be very tough for them to rally and earn one of those Wild Card spots.

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