The One Where: Rondo or Westbrook?


So as of now, I’m thinking that the Rondo for Westbrook deal is way over.

Rondo has the Celtics all to himself now. He still may need to answer to KG and Pierce, but he has the team at his disposal.

Westbrook is becoming white noise in the Thunder organization. Yes, he can burst out for points at any and all times but if Harden continues then he won’t be needed.

Rondo has young players to pass to, Jeff Green can hopefully come back to his potential form. Courtney Lee has proven himself elsewhere around the league, but can he play with Rondo’s personality? Avery Bradley will hopefully return healthy and ready to continue where he left off. And he has some rookies with BIG potential. A solid low-post player in Jarred Sullinger. And a possible huge man in Fab Melo (If he can’t get alley-oops from Rondo, then he’s a bust).

Westbrook has other stars all around him, Durant, Ibaka, Harden. He’s a point guard so he’s supposed distribute to other players, not be selfish. Plus, Durant could score a lot more if he had a passer like Rondo.

Before this off season (save game 2, yeah (44 points) that game 2), I would have traded Rondo for Westbrook before you could finish typing his name.

Now, I’ll take Rondo over the Olympian.



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