The One Where: Trade for Bobby Ryan!


To start off let me say, David Krejci is one of my favorite players on the Bruins, he is a top 5 favorite. But I want him out of here.


Because of one Bobby Ryan. He is the same age as David Krejci, and more productive. Ryan would be on the top line for this team, he would fit right alongside with Patrice Bergeron, and Horton.

Ryan is allegedly upset with the way the Ducks have treated him, and he wants to be traded. The Bruins have the depth to be able to fill in for whoever (albeit, Bergeron, Seguin, Rask, Chara or Hamilton) they would trade away.

As much as I like David Krejci, I am getting sick of how streaky he is. Its one thing that he played great in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the same amount of games when he usually goes on a streak. Which showed how important he was to the Bruins.


Its time to move on from him, Seguin, usually listed as a center is ready to take on more responsibility. If we get Ryan, move Seguin to a third line center position and have Peverley be a back up wing there, so he can well, back up Seguin if he can’t get the faceoff percent we want. Have Caron or Paille be the other winger.

Second line, Kelly as the center, Lucic and Marchand on the wings, and let that line pester the opposition for 20+ mins a night.

First, well, it would be dangerous, Bergeron, the reigning Selke winner. Then Horton, a man determined to get back to form. Add Ryan, and good luck to almost any line on the ice opposing them.

Just a thought.


We need a scorer now that Nash is in New York.


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