The One Where: Its Obviously Batman


I see that you’re reading this… Well I can’t see you but you must be reading this.

Anyway, it’s Friday which means, its movie of the week time!

If you don’t know what movie I’m covering you might be insane.

Its The Dark Knight Rises.



Just kidding, I’m not signing off yet, but that’s what it was, simply epic. Well done Chris Nolan, well done indeed.

I can’t give anything away but Bane, simply badass and a great way to follow up the Joker, he should get nominated for something at least. No one can top the villain Heath Ledger played, but damn Tom Hardy did every thing he could to be close to Ledger’s performance.

I thought Anne Hathaway would ruin the movie, and while she didn’t ruin it per say, she didn’t wow me. She was an average catwoman at best, and honestly they could’ve used a tighter actress, guys you should agree!

Christian Bale did his usual best as Batman and Bruce Wayne. So not much else to be said that hasn’t been.

Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine played their characters very well as usual.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, are you Batman or Robin?

I hope he’s a kick-ass Robin in a “sequel” or spin off.

Not Adam West’s sidekick Robin, but a new hope for Gotham, a different hero that can combat against the evil it likes to spawn.


For serious this time. Also I should note that I never read the comics, however I did watch the Adam West Batman when I was 3.


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