The One Where: That’s It?!


The trade deadline has gone and past again. This year with many speculations in the Nation, the Red Sox did little to impress. Although, a non-move might impress all of us.

The non-move being Morales, who did wonders in the rotation when he got starts, he may be back there soon enough now that the Sox got a lefty arm.






That should be the starting rotation for the rest of the year, of course, Dice-K could comeback….!

But the most disappointing move in all of baseball was the Lars Anderson trade, we got back a guy who is never going to make it out of double-A. Anderson is going to be like Justin Morneau, so who’s the winner of that trade?

I mean he had no future in Boston, at least not after Gonzo came to town, and now that Middlebrooks is good we can’t transition him to the other corner. Anderson needed to be traded, but for someone of an equal caliber, not some ancient (exaggerated) knuckle-baller who won’t make the major league roster even for the Astros (example).

I am fine now with the no-Beckett or Lester trade. I have hope for these guys, I think that they will battle all year and when it counts most, they’ll come through for us.

I am very disappointed that we did not move Mike Aviles, I mean who would want him? But we had Pedro, Punto and Iglesias and I wouldn’t have had a problem with Pedro and Jose [Iglesias] splitting time at SS and 9th in the order. It would’ve been good to get Iglesias up and ready for a taste of the big leagues. Plus Pedroia would’ve taken him under his wing and shielded him from the ‘toxic’ clubhouse.

In the end, I am glad that there’s a chance Morales can “complete” the rotation, but honestly, they could’ve done more.


Not to mention no move of Kelly Shoppach….



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