The One Where: I Knew It!

Welcome, welcome,

I knew it! I knew it! Friggin’ Kelly Shoppach had bad written all over him. He just simply led this team into disarray.

Okay maybe it was the drinking buddies, but frigging KS just friggin’ sucked.

If, you’re confused, its probably best it stays that way, this team has so many issues.

But long season, short, the players commit a failed mutiny against their manager using texts through one teammates phone. And we find out today that a player no longer on the team allegedly sent it, from his teammate’s phone, or convinced him to send it.

Either way, I’m sick of this team and honestly, preseason football is terrible, so I’m briefly talking about soccer. This might actually continue on as well, and I’ll just add them in during the week. (Which I know I haven’t kept up with).

Arsenal is my team. It has been since I started following soccer, excuse me, football.

They might have lost RVP and Alex Song, who I was just beginning to like, but they looked like they were a piece or two away from being really good against Sunderland.

Yeah, I know that Sunderland is unbelievably less talented than Chelsea or MU or MC, but if Arsenal had another player or two then they could really challenge those big guns. (Kind of a pun for you gunners out there)

I would like to see them sign Sahin, but not just on the season’s loan. I want them to work out a deal for him, he could really thrive in the EPL. I would also like them to get either Huntelaar or Fernando Llorente.

Yeah those are big names and a bigger price, but I feel like Wegner’s name is bigger than both of those. Plus it tells the premiership we’re not kidding around.  Also a f-you to RvP and Nasri and Adebayor.

Anyway, I really need to figure out how I can watch more of their games, I hate watching the highlights of games for no reason really.

I think if ESPN had a specific soccer channel, or partnered with Sky Sports, then made a channel for US citizens to watch games, the sport might grow here.

That’s a whole different monster though.



What do you think of Santi Cazorla?




The One Where: CBA Please?

Welcome again friends!

The topic for today will be why and how the NHL needs a CBA, and then what the Bruins should do if said CBA is reached.

How many lockouts have we seen this past year?

Too many.

Sure the NBA and NFL seasons got off and both were entertaining enough; but the NHL’s looming lockout won’t play out the same way. One, the other two sports will just dominate the ratings. Two, the NHL is growing, not at the same popularity as the other sports. And three, they will lose viewers and fans faster than you can say Veresheeska (Pink hat reference).

To start off, the owners must be concussed or something because they are asking for the players to decrease their revenue salaries or whatever, from 57% to something like 42%. That’s unheard of because they are the toughest kind of players out there. Plus they risk their lives on the line more than many people would like to do. Especially when they play against Big Z (Chara) when his slapshot fires a 1 pound rubber puck over 100 miles per hour. Yeah, risking their lives.

The players should’ve been making much more than they were before the other lockout, which kind of made sense, but now? Now that the original 6 fan bases are interested and warm weather teams are involved? They need to avoid a lockout at all costs. I understand that some teams would benefit from lockouts, but in a rising league like the NHL, they cannot let it happen.

What the owners don’t understand is that the money is still going to be coming in, except for the Blue Jackets and other cities, but as long as the hockey team is bearable they will make money. Over half the league makes it into the playoffs and fills their stadium (excluding Phoenix); which is a lot of revenue.

Bottom line, the owners need to be less greedy and more accepting of the fact that if there is a lockout, the league’s future is a jeopardy. Although the new split should be more like 54-52% (Players) to 46-48% (Owners).

—-    —-    —-    —-

Hoping that there is not a lockout; the Bruins are in a perfect position.


A regular reader might think, because of my wanting a snipah (sniper) a few weeks ago.  Now that I think about it; they are in a great position.

Firstly this year they have Jordan Caron who is ready to be a Rich Peverley type producer (numbers wise); who will be on the team to begin with. From what I’ve seen through Bruins tweets, he and Patrice Bergeron have been training together which is a wonderful sign for Bruins fans.

Then we have Jared Knight and Ryan Spooner in Providence to start the year, who also if they live up to the hype can be regular producers on this team for years to come. There’s nothing better than that situation either, I believe they both are under 2-way contracts which means that they can swing up and down from AHL to NHL and back. Meaning that if we need them to come up they will provide the regular rookie spark and help us win a few games, then when that one gets tired we can bring up the other one. Sounds simple enough.

Secondly they can still make a trade for a sharp shooter in Bobby Ryan judging on where Krejci is and how well Seguin is producing. If Krejci is doing poorly and Seguin has shown leadership then we might go for it. If both are doing well then there is no need for a trade. So I think the Ryan situation is under control. Unless of course the Flyers trade for him or the Penguins try that too.

And lastly, the Bruins should have a lot of cap space next year. Tim Thomas and Marc Savard should both be coming off the books and there will be a few more free agents we could be ready to say goodbye to. Meaning we can sign Rask to a new deal, we can add a sharp shooter if needed or we can get a new defenseman.

The Bruins seem to have played this one right, now its just time for the NHL to follow their lead and get a deal done.



The One Where: “We” are a Team

Welcome once again or for the first time!

Those of you who follow the Red Sox are probably sick of all this talk about them, and if you’re like me you’re just about ready to hide them from yourself until the season is officially over.

More and more controversy comes out of this Red Sox club; and it’s to the point where it is just annoying and routine.

John Lackey is double fisting like a champ.

Papi is bitching about his contract. (Bro we already know you’re going to the Yankees, another curse?)

Will Middlebrooks is getting made fun of by the manager.

Pedroia is posing in front of the manager.

Beckett’s back hurts.

Adrian Gonzalez got mistaken for Ernie from George Lopez.

And on and on it goes.

Every time we hear the same things too. “We are a team, we support each other in the clubhouse.”

Yeah of course you do! You, on the team do but Bobby V isn’t part of the team, he manages it. He may put on a jersey like everyone else on the team, but he his not part of this team. This team is everyone except Bobby V, he was not part of the collapse, he was not part of the world series wins, he was never here. No one likes this manager.

That is hardly a team to me, yeah the players are all supporting of each other but that doesn’t mean anything because they all supported the same guys who stumbled back from the clubhouse.

(Okay that was a pathetic joke about the drinking.)

This “team” is too over privileged. They are pampered and soft, if Ted Williams and Johnny Pesky did this in their playing days they’d be ran out of town faster than you can say Yastrzemski. But not this team the ownership is getting ready to roll out a bunch of events about random stuff that doesn’t need to be celebrated (Not including Pesky, that man is a legend).

The ownership hired Bobby V and that project needs to go, as does acting like the Yankees; as does Beckett’s beer buddies, and Dice-K (why Daisuke? Because he’s fucking Dice-K!)

Ending on a good note, we got rid of Shoppach!


I wasn’t joking about that curse either.

The One Where: Busy… Like I Said.


I told all y’all that I’d be busy and, I was serious. But I’ll be back as long as I can, until I get busy again, so hopefully you’ll stick with me for the next few weeks while I straighten things out before school restarts.

Well, the Olympics ended, Will Middlebrooks broke his wrist, and now the Red Sox are all but done for the season. That brings us to the Patriots.

They were so close to breaking out for not one, not two, but nearly three wonderful catches in their preseason game a few days ago. They were just barely broken up by the cornerback, the safety and the ref. (If you saw that pass to Lloyd you know what I mean.)

And then we saw quite a few flashes from the 2 running backs who broke out a few times that picked up a few first downs, which is exactly what we need from them this year. Every team is expecting the Gronk show and the Lloyd threat, but if we draw it to one of them from time to time, we can surprise the defense and get the run attack going.

The Patriot defense will be in the top 15 this year, especially if Chandler Jones plays like he did on Thursday. He man handled a very very good tackle in Bushrod. If he does that and the secondary doesn’t need someone else, say Brian Hoyer to play safety, then they will be up in the league’s top defensive cores.

The only problem with the game was the score and the blocking. They need to figure that out because if Brady is constantly pressured, our hopes of his 4th ring are toast.

Every team on their schedule took note of their performance on Thursday and will be hungry for a sack on Mr. Tom Brady.

Keep him safe.



The One Where: We Need a Championship!

Wow, it’s been a while… since I wrote in here.

Sure, that last line relates to the topic, but I was opening by saying sorry for not writing in here.

Now I’ll move on to the bigger issue than what I’ve been up to.

The lack of hardware in New England; it’s nearly a year and a half since we’ve seen someone hoist the trophy… shameful.  Ok maybe not shameful, but it has been painful this last year.

—-    —-    —-    —-

First, the Red Sox, the touchiest subject right now. It was painful last September, and its getting more and more painful, yet.

Not only did we all have to watch them slowly bleed to death last September, but then there was a controversy, and an unrightful firing of Terry Francona. Yeah, he let that stuff happen, but he was a damn good manager, I’d let the beer drinking and chicken eating go if I never had to see Bobby Valentine in a Red Sox uniform ever again.

Because, to this point, he’s been downright awful. And the ownership made a terrible move; first bringing him here, and now backing him up…. shameful.

How can you back up a manager that’s won half of the games you’ve played, insulted a fan favorite, driving him out of town, then another insult to the stud rookie who replaced him, then just look downright dumbfounded when fans  boo off the pitcher who started all this? How can you back that manager up?

He’s not the only one to blame either, there are plenty of injuries, and “plagues” in that locker room, and the ownership needs to figure out what’s right for the organization. I can tell you one thing, it’s not whats in there right now. Start with Pedroia, and then weed out any bad eggs, set yourself up for the future and make a fool out of Valentine; fire him right on Yawkey way.

This is a continuously bad ending to last season, and a painful way to show us that we haven’t won a World Series since we got lucky in ’07.

—-    —-    —-    —-

And the pain continued with the Patriots…


An offensive juggernaut, a defense beginning to figure it out, a grand special teams. Against the 9-7 Giants.

We should win this.

And then there was a safety, and that right there set the tone. It set the tone for many events that followed. A loss, a heartbreak, and the Summer of Gronk.

Ok, that last one wasn’t so bad, but imagine his summer if they had won!

No need to dwell on past memories, but that loss just led to so many types of heartbreak. We should’ve won that game and had our own Summer of Gronk, if that were the case.

—-    —-    —-    —-

Ok, that was probably difficult for you to continue with; and comprehend.

But then we got even more hope, all to be let down by the glove of a third string rookie goaltender.

Yes, the Bruins, how painful that was….

They looked the part of champions, playing with the best intensity on the ice. Well, second best to Holtby. We beat that whole team except for one man. He stoned us and made us look like little cubs, while they got lucky and won on goaltender interference.

It was yet again painful.

—-   —-    —-    —-

And then the Celtics, who were oh so close to banner 18 were crushed by the ever-corrupt NBA. In a game 1 where every call was against them, it surprised us all, and the Celtics lost. And then a game 2 where Rondo’s effort should’ve won a championship in itself, they were thwarted once again by corrupted officials, costing them a game.

Then we came back, stole one in Miami, only to have them steal one in our house. An unfair way to lose, especially when they had a hobbled lineup. Then we had to watch as LeBron became Jordan for one game, and score 40+ points and looked absolutely killer in game 6. Then Game 7 when we had no match for the muskrat in the corner, or Shane Battier. Who came out of nowhere to defeat us.

—- —- —- —-

Maybe we don’t “deserve” another championship, but hell, we’ve had a tough year. Give me a sports city that has had more agonizing losses then us and I’ll unveil a deep secret about myself.

It won’t happen.

It’s okay, because come February, we can stop the pain, on the shoulders of one Rob Gronkowski.

Let the Autumn of Gronk begin.


The One Where: Busy Couple Weeks Coming Up!


The most exciting thing this week about the Patriots is the joined practices with the Saints.

At least as far as I know, so we all know that probably means that there is quite alot going on in Foxboro.

Happy belated Tom Brady!

He turned 35 last weekend, and now everyone wants him to play until he’s 102.

It’s exaggerated at best, but it seems true. I agree, I want Brady to play as long as he can. Key word: CAN. So a reasonable age would be 38-40?

He’ll still have something left to perform at a wonderful level, but I don’t think his arm will hold up, and Brett Favre knows all about arms losing it.

We all (the world) don’t want another Brett Favre incident; and its seemed like that might be the case at times. I’m sure he was lightly joking in the interviews but I have a feeling that there was some truth in it. And be honest, once Brady’s stubble and hair gets gray, what’s stopping him from sending penis pics to a cheerleader?

Answer: Nothing!

He’s Tom friggin’ Brady!

I just want Brady to end his career peacefully, with… say, 4 more rings, in just as many years?



The One Where: I’m Afraid.


I have had a some thoughts, random thoughts mostly.

But I want to start making my own gameplay videos… like Nalif and Tobuscus, and Pewdiepie, but I shouldn’t mention him because of his bro-army.

I would want to start recording me playing video games because it’s a fun and easy way to pass time, however with college coming and a roommate around, I don’t think I’ll be able to yet.

And then there’s trolls and haters and shit; I don’t care about them, but like that’s too much to deal with.

I’d like to start making these videos; but I should’ve done that late-May not early August.

And my neighbor and I have tried to make some of us playing CoD: Zombies; and those haven’t gotten out there yet.

Hopefully I can get to it and transfer my major and see what happens, I’ll keep up with this, and then hopefully I’ll get a job and write here, salary at the (hopeful) school, and some added income from the business I’m planning on launching, and then post random videos on YouTube gameplay and others.

At least that would be a sweet dream, friggin summers off, sign me up!

—-    —-   —-

Yes, I want to change majors, if for some reason you didn’t know; I mean why would you?

Unless you know me or read my very first post ever.

Right now, I’m getting my associate’s degree in business and I thought this would be a good way to start off and have as a background. However, after this summer, of all work and nearly no fun, I want to change career paths that might allow me to have a little more freedom.

(This post will probably bite me in the butt.)

I am a very hard worker, ask anyone I’ve ever worked with, and they’ll tell you that. But I have always enjoyed having my designated time off. Not the random work calls that come up. I like my summers, and people should respect that. Now, I’m not saying that I am lazy, if I needed to make more than teacher’s salary, I would take up a second job.

As my plan laid out above states, hopefully I won’t have to so I can keep up with these every day posts, and my other business ventures.

I would want to teach high school Geography or History. I have generally been interested in these subjects and most of my teachers in these subjects in high school were really cool people. I want to try something like that. At the very least I’ll have a steady job.

Did I mention the summers off?


Plus I can work on the book that so epically failed publicly on here.