The One Where: …


How’s it going? Like the new banner? Ehhh! ^^^^^^^

Pretty cool huh?

Enough about that, for now.

Heads up, I’m skipping tomorrow’s Bruins talk, one because they are training or sitting at home watching the Stanley Cup DVD from 2 years ago. And two, because of the new banner! Yes, beer.

So after this post, I’ll probably be back on Monday where there might be some “news” about the Patriots.


So it was Doc’s fault all along eh?

Who knew? It was his fault Ray left.

Big deal, now, water over the bridge. (Did he mean to use that saying the wrong way? I hope so, or else I’ll troll!)

Yeah its not as bad as we are making it out to be. Sure, we lost a Hall of Famer and the NBA leading 3-point scorer. Then again, we are losing a huge btch. Yes, he was.

Sorry to Ray Allen the ultimate class act, but you were also a bitch, allegedly.

In Doc Rivers’ recent interview he said Ray Allen was a “me guy.”

Good bleepin’ riddance. I liked his reliability at the end of the game and how he would light up all of our faces with every single shot he took, but damn… get over yourself.

I’ll be damned if Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett don’t make the Hall of Fame, and same with Ray Allen; but in this era’s style of play the shooting guard is almost always over looked. At least in a Rajon Rondo-led team. It was nice while it lasted with Ray, and no one expected this much out of Rondo.

Ray Allen vs. Garnett, no I’m not saying they had a rift in the locker room. I’m saying that the louder guy always wins. And that goes to Kevin Garnett. Sorry Ray, you lost that battle, you lose that battle 9 times out of 10. I’m starting my team (in ’03 mind you) with Garnett.

And then we have to face the truth.

Yes, he might have scored more points than Pierce, yes he might have won more games than Pierce, but here; in Boston and New England, there is one King ((since ’03, again) whose reign is nearing an end, and that was) Paul Pierce. Paul was always a fan favorite here, at least to me. Yeah there was some skepticism of him, but he was always my favorite and always laid down the truth.

Ray was somewhat overlooked; meaning he was the quiet assassin who didn’t make superb runs and didn’t face LeBron or Kobe, wasn’t compared to Tim Duncan, and wasn’t (kinda…) over looked for the Olympics which he deserved.

As much as Doc plays the bigger man, and blaming himself, it wasn’t his fault. It was Ray’s all Ray’s.

Well, good riddance and I hope you enjoy the Truth of the lies you’re facing in Miami. Who thinks Allen is starting over Wade in Wade’s town?



And the Heat have a PG in place who, at times, stuck it to the best in the Eastern Conference Finals. Good. Luck. With. That.

What’s the Over/Under for game 1 of the season at right now? Who’s MVP of the game?

My money’s on the other Ra(y).


Ra= Rajon Rondo.

Is the Bueller joke too old now? Was my generation the last to like it? Oh jeez, my unborn children already suck.


I know that the Heat wouldn’t start Ray first, but they promised him “more” playing time. Ray Allen would have the starting job the first  2 months of the season now. Not to mention that the Heat are only going to play him when Lebron gets tired.


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