The One Where: I’m Afraid.


I have had a some thoughts, random thoughts mostly.

But I want to start making my own gameplay videos… like Nalif and Tobuscus, and Pewdiepie, but I shouldn’t mention him because of his bro-army.

I would want to start recording me playing video games because it’s a fun and easy way to pass time, however with college coming and a roommate around, I don’t think I’ll be able to yet.

And then there’s trolls and haters and shit; I don’t care about them, but like that’s too much to deal with.

I’d like to start making these videos; but I should’ve done that late-May not early August.

And my neighbor and I have tried to make some of us playing CoD: Zombies; and those haven’t gotten out there yet.

Hopefully I can get to it and transfer my major and see what happens, I’ll keep up with this, and then hopefully I’ll get a job and write here, salary at the (hopeful) school, and some added income from the business I’m planning on launching, and then post random videos on YouTube gameplay and others.

At least that would be a sweet dream, friggin summers off, sign me up!

—-    —-   —-

Yes, I want to change majors, if for some reason you didn’t know; I mean why would you?

Unless you know me or read my very first post ever.

Right now, I’m getting my associate’s degree in business and I thought this would be a good way to start off and have as a background. However, after this summer, of all work and nearly no fun, I want to change career paths that might allow me to have a little more freedom.

(This post will probably bite me in the butt.)

I am a very hard worker, ask anyone I’ve ever worked with, and they’ll tell you that. But I have always enjoyed having my designated time off. Not the random work calls that come up. I like my summers, and people should respect that. Now, I’m not saying that I am lazy, if I needed to make more than teacher’s salary, I would take up a second job.

As my plan laid out above states, hopefully I won’t have to so I can keep up with these every day posts, and my other business ventures.

I would want to teach high school Geography or History. I have generally been interested in these subjects and most of my teachers in these subjects in high school were really cool people. I want to try something like that. At the very least I’ll have a steady job.

Did I mention the summers off?


Plus I can work on the book that so epically failed publicly on here.




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