The One Where: Busy Couple Weeks Coming Up!


The most exciting thing this week about the Patriots is the joined practices with the Saints.

At least as far as I know, so we all know that probably means that there is quite alot going on in Foxboro.

Happy belated Tom Brady!

He turned 35 last weekend, and now everyone wants him to play until he’s 102.

It’s exaggerated at best, but it seems true. I agree, I want Brady to play as long as he can. Key word: CAN. So a reasonable age would be 38-40?

He’ll still have something left to perform at a wonderful level, but I don’t think his arm will hold up, and Brett Favre knows all about arms losing it.

We all (the world) don’t want another Brett Favre incident; and its seemed like that might be the case at times. I’m sure he was lightly joking in the interviews but I have a feeling that there was some truth in it. And be honest, once Brady’s stubble and hair gets gray, what’s stopping him from sending penis pics to a cheerleader?

Answer: Nothing!

He’s Tom friggin’ Brady!

I just want Brady to end his career peacefully, with… say, 4 more rings, in just as many years?




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