The One Where: We Need a Championship!

Wow, it’s been a while… since I wrote in here.

Sure, that last line relates to the topic, but I was opening by saying sorry for not writing in here.

Now I’ll move on to the bigger issue than what I’ve been up to.

The lack of hardware in New England; it’s nearly a year and a half since we’ve seen someone hoist the trophy… shameful.  Ok maybe not shameful, but it has been painful this last year.

—-    —-    —-    —-

First, the Red Sox, the touchiest subject right now. It was painful last September, and its getting more and more painful, yet.

Not only did we all have to watch them slowly bleed to death last September, but then there was a controversy, and an unrightful firing of Terry Francona. Yeah, he let that stuff happen, but he was a damn good manager, I’d let the beer drinking and chicken eating go if I never had to see Bobby Valentine in a Red Sox uniform ever again.

Because, to this point, he’s been downright awful. And the ownership made a terrible move; first bringing him here, and now backing him up…. shameful.

How can you back up a manager that’s won half of the games you’ve played, insulted a fan favorite, driving him out of town, then another insult to the stud rookie who replaced him, then just look downright dumbfounded when fans  boo off the pitcher who started all this? How can you back that manager up?

He’s not the only one to blame either, there are plenty of injuries, and “plagues” in that locker room, and the ownership needs to figure out what’s right for the organization. I can tell you one thing, it’s not whats in there right now. Start with Pedroia, and then weed out any bad eggs, set yourself up for the future and make a fool out of Valentine; fire him right on Yawkey way.

This is a continuously bad ending to last season, and a painful way to show us that we haven’t won a World Series since we got lucky in ’07.

—-    —-    —-    —-

And the pain continued with the Patriots…


An offensive juggernaut, a defense beginning to figure it out, a grand special teams. Against the 9-7 Giants.

We should win this.

And then there was a safety, and that right there set the tone. It set the tone for many events that followed. A loss, a heartbreak, and the Summer of Gronk.

Ok, that last one wasn’t so bad, but imagine his summer if they had won!

No need to dwell on past memories, but that loss just led to so many types of heartbreak. We should’ve won that game and had our own Summer of Gronk, if that were the case.

—-    —-    —-    —-

Ok, that was probably difficult for you to continue with; and comprehend.

But then we got even more hope, all to be let down by the glove of a third string rookie goaltender.

Yes, the Bruins, how painful that was….

They looked the part of champions, playing with the best intensity on the ice. Well, second best to Holtby. We beat that whole team except for one man. He stoned us and made us look like little cubs, while they got lucky and won on goaltender interference.

It was yet again painful.

—-   —-    —-    —-

And then the Celtics, who were oh so close to banner 18 were crushed by the ever-corrupt NBA. In a game 1 where every call was against them, it surprised us all, and the Celtics lost. And then a game 2 where Rondo’s effort should’ve won a championship in itself, they were thwarted once again by corrupted officials, costing them a game.

Then we came back, stole one in Miami, only to have them steal one in our house. An unfair way to lose, especially when they had a hobbled lineup. Then we had to watch as LeBron became Jordan for one game, and score 40+ points and looked absolutely killer in game 6. Then Game 7 when we had no match for the muskrat in the corner, or Shane Battier. Who came out of nowhere to defeat us.

—- —- —- —-

Maybe we don’t “deserve” another championship, but hell, we’ve had a tough year. Give me a sports city that has had more agonizing losses then us and I’ll unveil a deep secret about myself.

It won’t happen.

It’s okay, because come February, we can stop the pain, on the shoulders of one Rob Gronkowski.

Let the Autumn of Gronk begin.



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