The One Where: Busy… Like I Said.


I told all y’all that I’d be busy and, I was serious. But I’ll be back as long as I can, until I get busy again, so hopefully you’ll stick with me for the next few weeks while I straighten things out before school restarts.

Well, the Olympics ended, Will Middlebrooks broke his wrist, and now the Red Sox are all but done for the season. That brings us to the Patriots.

They were so close to breaking out for not one, not two, but nearly three wonderful catches in their preseason game a few days ago. They were just barely broken up by the cornerback, the safety and the ref. (If you saw that pass to Lloyd you know what I mean.)

And then we saw quite a few flashes from the 2 running backs who broke out a few times that picked up a few first downs, which is exactly what we need from them this year. Every team is expecting the Gronk show and the Lloyd threat, but if we draw it to one of them from time to time, we can surprise the defense and get the run attack going.

The Patriot defense will be in the top 15 this year, especially if Chandler Jones plays like he did on Thursday. He man handled a very very good tackle in Bushrod. If he does that and the secondary doesn’t need someone else, say Brian Hoyer to play safety, then they will be up in the league’s top defensive cores.

The only problem with the game was the score and the blocking. They need to figure that out because if Brady is constantly pressured, our hopes of his 4th ring are toast.

Every team on their schedule took note of their performance on Thursday and will be hungry for a sack on Mr. Tom Brady.

Keep him safe.




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