The One Where: “We” are a Team

Welcome once again or for the first time!

Those of you who follow the Red Sox are probably sick of all this talk about them, and if you’re like me you’re just about ready to hide them from yourself until the season is officially over.

More and more controversy comes out of this Red Sox club; and it’s to the point where it is just annoying and routine.

John Lackey is double fisting like a champ.

Papi is bitching about his contract. (Bro we already know you’re going to the Yankees, another curse?)

Will Middlebrooks is getting made fun of by the manager.

Pedroia is posing in front of the manager.

Beckett’s back hurts.

Adrian Gonzalez got mistaken for Ernie from George Lopez.

And on and on it goes.

Every time we hear the same things too. “We are a team, we support each other in the clubhouse.”

Yeah of course you do! You, on the team do but Bobby V isn’t part of the team, he manages it. He may put on a jersey like everyone else on the team, but he his not part of this team. This team is everyone except Bobby V, he was not part of the collapse, he was not part of the world series wins, he was never here. No one likes this manager.

That is hardly a team to me, yeah the players are all supporting of each other but that doesn’t mean anything because they all supported the same guys who stumbled back from the clubhouse.

(Okay that was a pathetic joke about the drinking.)

This “team” is too over privileged. They are pampered and soft, if Ted Williams and Johnny Pesky did this in their playing days they’d be ran out of town faster than you can say Yastrzemski. But not this team the ownership is getting ready to roll out a bunch of events about random stuff that doesn’t need to be celebrated (Not including Pesky, that man is a legend).

The ownership hired Bobby V and that project needs to go, as does acting like the Yankees; as does Beckett’s beer buddies, and Dice-K (why Daisuke? Because he’s fucking Dice-K!)

Ending on a good note, we got rid of Shoppach!


I wasn’t joking about that curse either.

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