The One Where: I Knew It!

Welcome, welcome,

I knew it! I knew it! Friggin’ Kelly Shoppach had bad written all over him. He just simply led this team into disarray.

Okay maybe it was the drinking buddies, but frigging KS just friggin’ sucked.

If, you’re confused, its probably best it stays that way, this team has so many issues.

But long season, short, the players commit a failed mutiny against their manager using texts through one teammates phone. And we find out today that a player no longer on the team allegedly sent it, from his teammate’s phone, or convinced him to send it.

Either way, I’m sick of this team and honestly, preseason football is terrible, so I’m briefly talking about soccer. This might actually continue on as well, and I’ll just add them in during the week. (Which I know I haven’t kept up with).

Arsenal is my team. It has been since I started following soccer, excuse me, football.

They might have lost RVP and Alex Song, who I was just beginning to like, but they looked like they were a piece or two away from being really good against Sunderland.

Yeah, I know that Sunderland is unbelievably less talented than Chelsea or MU or MC, but if Arsenal had another player or two then they could really challenge those big guns. (Kind of a pun for you gunners out there)

I would like to see them sign Sahin, but not just on the season’s loan. I want them to work out a deal for him, he could really thrive in the EPL. I would also like them to get either Huntelaar or Fernando Llorente.

Yeah those are big names and a bigger price, but I feel like Wegner’s name is bigger than both of those. Plus it tells the premiership we’re not kidding around.  Also a f-you to RvP and Nasri and Adebayor.

Anyway, I really need to figure out how I can watch more of their games, I hate watching the highlights of games for no reason really.

I think if ESPN had a specific soccer channel, or partnered with Sky Sports, then made a channel for US citizens to watch games, the sport might grow here.

That’s a whole different monster though.



What do you think of Santi Cazorla?




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