The One Where I’ll be Posting Again


So for you avid readers of mine you probably noticed that I was away for awhile. Around 3 weeks. Well, good news for you, I’m back!

So since I last posted there have been some interesting nights at college. 

And crazier things in sports. 

The Red Sox made that mega deal, the NHL is locked out, LeBron is still a douchbag, ‘Bama is gonna win every game, and the Patriots lost against the damn Cardinals. 

Yeah, the Arizona Cardinals. 

On paper they shouldn’t have lost, but they did. During the game, they lost every battle there was. Simple as that. 

Gostowksi shouldn’t have missed a field goal he usually makes in his sleep. Brady should have been able to throw a spiral. 

The bigger issue was the Hernandez injury. If he wasn’t injured the Patriots whoop on the Cardinals like usual. Instead they smelled blood and got passed the O line and to our king, Tom Brady. 

Also, Welker was a non-factor, and I think he even returned a punt. Will they trade him? Will he catch more than 3 a game? 

Interesting things to think about. 


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