About Time Travel


I’m watching back to the future right now; as if the tweets on the side panel didn’t show that.

Is time travel possible? If it is… What would I do with it?

First off, I think it is. In a way we do it in our daily lives. People who travel from New Hampshire to California on a plane are technically traveling backwards in time. It’s 1:40 here, in Cali however it is 10:40. So if I got on a flight right now I could technically be in LA before I “publish” this post.

So I’d think if things worked that way, if you travel around the world fast enough you could time travel.

Of course that’s not how it works. Time keeps going in an infinite line. Until December 21st of course.

If I could time travel anywhere… Anytime, rather; I’d go to either the 1920s and be a prohibition bandit and tear up the roaring 20s. Or I’d go back to the golden age of piracy and be a rum runner to the colonies.

Of course after the first few close calls I’d want to settle down in the fifties or sometime safe. You know the only danger is the dysfunctional Russians.


About The Red Sox


This entry is brought to you by this song here.

[I’ll also mention, that this entry is not actually brought to you by that song. I just really like it.]

You should check it out.

So, those Red Sox, huh?

They need to make moves, either blow the team up or try to contend right away.

Starting with off with catcher, just get Mike Napoli, and juggle things from there. It’s not going to hurt, and the worst that’s going to happen is that we trade one of the FOUR catchers we’ll have.

Then would be first base, try to get Lars Anderson back? Please? I mean why did they get rid of him 3 weeks before the mega trade? Plus you can use one of the FOUR catchers we have and make them a firstbaseman.

Secondbase, I see 3 options. That’s way more than what most Sox fans have; which is sign Pedroia long term. My other ideas would be to trade him for half of some organization’s farm system and rebuild all around. Another, far fetched idea is make him the shortstop.

Third-base is all set, for the foreseeable future at least.

Shortstop has a few options as well; move Pedroia over and those problems are set, while moving Pedro Ciriaco and Jose Iglesias over to second base. I think the Red Sox should either trade to get Elvis Andrus; a Jacoby Elsbury and one prospect trade could get him here. Solve those problems easily, while having Ciriaco as the utility fielder/Yankee killer. Or you could rotate the 2 current SS and wait for a prospect to come up in the future.

The outfield is not looking good. I think they need to get rid of Elsbury now, while he’s worth something. I think he is going to get hurt, or worse have a bad season. The Red Sox could and should get Gincarlo Stanton, he’s a power hitting outfielder who is 23 and would be a nice addition to a lineup featuring Pedroia, Papi, and Middlebrooks. I want him on the team. If we can get Cody Ross back we’ll have a team that can take on the rest of the AL East.

Of course pitching is an issue.

The starters are what need the most work. I think the bullpen did a good job until Alfredo Aceves lost his cool a few months last year. Daniel Bard might be back to form, Aceves can pitch, Junichi Tazawa is supposedly pretty good, Andrew Miller is a good lefty to have, and Bailey will be the closer. It’s not too bad…

The starting pitchers however…

It seems like we only have 3 real pitchers. Jon Lester, if he returns to form, Clay Buchholz, who I thought pitched really well after some organ of his burst. And Felix Dubront, who hopefully can repeat what he did last year. They will need to sign a pitcher, perhaps… Grenkie? I think, although the Boston media will rip into him the first bad start, he would be a good fit here. John Farrell is a good manager, especially with pitchers, he can calm him down when needed, give him a rest here and there. I want Zach Grenkie.

Oh and the Sox will have Lackey back.

So, really if they can get Lars Anderson, Gincarlo Stanton and Zach Grenkie, they won’t be as bad as we are expecting. At least, writing this made me think so. Of course, this team did just finish horrendously the past 2 years in a row, so this year could be worse, like the region of New England bursting into flames bad.


About That Math Language


I’m “allegedly” supposed to do math right now. It’s an online course and all, but honestly, it might as well be an ancient language to me. I’ll say it, I am in the lowest math course available at a collegiate level. I’m not that ashamed by it. I mean, none of math makes sense to me. Ok, rephrase, none of this math makes sense to me.

I can understand 5+5=10.

I can understand that if I have 20 dollars I have more than you.

I understand when there’s a 60% sale price on a 180 dollar jacket, it’s worth the deal.

I understand real math, not this sh*t that I have to do. I don’t get (f)=x^2+4x-9

or what ever that is.

I just am stupid when it comes down to it. I am completely checked out with math, and to think that math is really the only thing stopping me from transferring to a history program, is really disappointing. I am a good student, but math has never added up for me.

Pun intended.

Where I excel is writing, kind of, I mean I can’t tell you what a clause is or what a semi colon does; but I can entertain you. At least I like to think so, and I’ve been told so. But I am not going to be one of those pricks who sit outside wall street waiting for the money to be given to me. I’m not going to be one of the millions of Californians who moved out west to “make it big.” I’m not going to work at Zumiez, ever. Meaning that I won’t get my Bachelor’s degree in business and then rant at some kid about how he’s trying to get his associate’s in business, transfer to get a BA in history, then his Master’s in Education; then proceed to tell him getting a teaching job is worthless, pointing out how he’s had his bachelor’s degree, but worked at Zumiez for 4 years.

Okay, I ranted.

This guy at Zumiez really pissed me off. Dude, you work at a skate shop. That’s all well and cool if you work there while in high school or college, but you, as someone who has a higher education degree and is working at minimum wage I presume, should not be telling anyone how to go about their life.

Speaking of hipster dipsh*ts, that is what is killing America.

Partly because of the unemployment, and the debt and all. The fact that the blue-collar additude is dying. Some people, like those reformists and hipsters, think that everything is going to be given to them, and really, it’s not. The American dream isn’t about being given “things,” unless of course that thing is opportunity. If you consider yourself a true American you should not expect things to fall in your lap. You need to go out their and get it. If I really want to follow my dreams I will, but I’m not going to waste my education on a film degree, where the chances are I’ll fail and end up working at Starbucks. No, I’m going to get a real education and then pursue my dreams, if I fail, I can fall back on teaching, selling, or managing a store.

I may not have all the math answers, I may not have any idea where I’m going, but if I fail, I’ll have a backup plan.



Sorry about the ranting in this post. That guy at Zumiez has really been eating away at me. Plus I’m procrastinating on math…

About Mobile Blogging


I’m not sure how I feel about my phone/being able to blog on the go. 

For starters, I’ll get easily distracted and probably write more and be an annoying hipster b*tch. Plus my phone, which doesn’t do this when I’m tweeting or texting, autocorrect words to random sh*t. Like when I first tried writing ‘I’ it turned it to ‘MIGHT’. 

Thats random as f*ck. 

As is this entry 


PS- maybe I’ll we rite to you more often with sh*tty spelling, grammar and cap alizarin (capitalization) SEE?! It changed it! I have no idea what alizarin is?! Do you? 

About the Hobbit


Have you seen the Hobbit trailers????

You should.

I read the book and I am more excited about this adaptation than I am for Disney buying Star Wars… Which isn’t much excitement. Ok, let me rephrase my excitement meter. I’m more excited about the Hobbit adaptation than I am about the Red Sox signing Bobby Valentine. Shit… One more try. I’m more excited about the Hobbit movie than Halo 4, Assassin’s Creed 3 being in America, and Black Ops 2 zombies maps, combined.

Did that make sense?

Doesn’t matter, I have never been more excited about a movie since the Dark Knight Rises. Well, damn I can’t get these “metaphors” down. Whatever.

The Hobbit movie looks like it is going to resemble more of the book and even have more detail put into than the LOTR trilogy. I’m excited. I know the Hobbit is being turned into a trilogy of movies, and is an interesting move, but it falls along the lines of the sale of Star Wars to Disney. It’s trying to add more to an already great piece of literature and hopefully inspire more imagination in nerds like me.

I have followed the available behind the scenes of the Hobbit film and, I have to say Peter Jackson knows how to get it done. I recognized a few familiar faces from the LOTR behind the scenes. So he has a great team, and he has some great actors in the key roles.

Great move by bringing back Ian McKellan as Gandalf, he hasn’t aged a bit. Gollum (Andy Serkis) is also back, which is essential to the success in the movie.

I’m only excited for this movie.


About the AFC Playoff Picture


How about those Jets?

Kidding, they are headed to a high draft pick and a new coach, if you ask me.

The real interesting story is the AFC Playoff picture.

The Texans, currently number 1, have had a few close calls in the past weeks, but managed to win, as as champion should. They have a running game, a passing attack, a strong defensive front, and a possible Pro-Bowl QB. I don’t think they’ll have a bye week going into the playoffs however.

These next two teams will though.

The Ravens will be the number 1 seed in the AFC. Why? They have luck on their side, no, not Luck, as in Andrew, but they are lucky. First, they “beat” the Patriots early in the season. Then, Ray Rice miraculously converted a 4th and 29 to beat the Chargers. Sure, it was the Chargers, but they were ballsy enough to go for it on fourth down, let alone fourth and a mile. They got lucky to get the 1st down. And now, Ray Lewis is coming back, allegedly he is going to make a return to the field soon. Which is going to be the boost that team needs to beat a lot of tough teams down the stretch. They are going to get lucky and, barring an injury or upset they will make it back to the AFC Championship game.

They’ll probably play this next team:

The Patriots. They’ll be back, as usual, and something seems special about this team. It might be the coach, it might be the quarterback, it might be the two tight ends, it might just be a number of things, like a 52 man team. (I know its a 53 man squad, but Kyle Arrington is the worst player in the league, therefore he doesn’t count).

Every player on this team has a goal, and they look up to their leaders and they just do their job. The defense gets the ball to the offense, and in some cases they get it to the end zone. The offense has several looks they can pull out and beat teams with. Best case scenario would be the 2 tight end set with one running back. Due to injuries, that can’t happen. So then they can go to the 5-wide set and go deep or dump it to a 5’9″ white receiver (Welker or Edelman). Or they can line up with two running backs, and pound it to set up the play action.

The only thing that can kill them is themselves (I’m pointing my finger right the f*ck at you Gostowski) or Eli Manning, but let’s not go there now.

If they can beat the 49ers and Texans in the next few weeks (without Gronkowski, mind you), then get healthy for the playoffs, I’ll be planning my trip to the parade.

Then come the Broncos, which if they play a home game, are probably dangerous, but my guess is that Peyton Manning will be getting sore about week 15 or so, and Von Miller’s insane play right now will be coming to a close.

As for the wildcard, its up for grabs. My guess is going to be the Colts and the Bengals. (Sorry to my Steelers connections, its not happening this year).

The Colts are hopefully playing the Broncos, for obvious reasons it’d be great to see and it looks destined to happen. I mean Andrew Luck is “no Peyton Manning” but he’s looked decent this season. Not against the Patriots, or away from Lucas Oil Stadium, but good for a goofy rookie.

The Bengals are a sleeper team, they are young and talented and they are going to feed off the Steelers’ current predicament. They have a dangerous team lead by a ginger QB, who is going through a sophomore slump.

It’ll be interesting to watch, and I’m hoping the Patriots will go 13-3 (16-0 if not for 4 points) and all the way to the Duck Boats.


About The NHL Lockout


If you’re wondering where I’ve been, which you probably haven’t, I’ve been working and going to college, and I haven’t really tried to write for you. I have a reminder on my phone, but I keep ignoring it. Ignoring it for good reasons (not just ignoring it), such as free beer, girls, Buffalo Wild Wings, girls, FIFA 13, girls, “homework.” You get it. (But honestly, not that many “girls”).

If you happened to have read this in the past year, you are probably a sports fan, like myself. Which means you are probably upset about the NHL Lockout, as am I. The NHL and NHLPA need to get a new CBA done not just because they are losing money, but because they are losing fans. Not me, and hopefully not you, dear reader. Other fans, newer fans, like most LA Kings fans, or the Tampa Bay Lightning fan. Those types of fans are the ones who are least effected by the lockout and may jump ship and stop following hockey all together.

The NHL recently got those fans, I mean, the league was in a lockout only 8 years ago; so those fans can’t have been around too long. Some of those southern teams don’t have long histories either.

I know I’d like there to be a season, preferably before or on Christmas; but it looks like, thanks to Lex Luther, I mean Gary Bettman, we might not get a season… again.