About Dangling Chads


Yeah, Obama won, we get it. Occupy social media, you are the 99%, blah blah blah….

This was an extremely close Presidential race, and America, I feel you are going to regret this day for a long time to come. Our children and their children are all going to suffer because of the debt that is going to increase. That is my main reason against this president.

I understand that its time to allow gays to get married and I am fine with it, just don’t keep pushing me on it.

I understand that college is expensive and the government will help us pay for it. What good is that going to do if we can’t get jobs out of college? What good is that when our entire country is in debt?

I understand guns are dangerous, but its the 2nd amendment, don’t take it away.

What good is all this going to do the minute we piss off China? It’s not going to be good. We owe them nearly half our multi-trillion dollar debt, a debt that is probably not going away. Eventually they might say no to whatever we need to borrow. And then when we get hostile over that, they just might flaunt their 300+ million man military. What’s our nations population again? Roughly the same amount as their military.


What’s the one thing you don’t want to do? Poke the bear. Well the bear is America, and China is the dragon.

If my nerdiness has taught me anything is that dragons are fiercer and scarier than bears.

Wrong choice, we needed Romney.

At least to flat line the debt.



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