About the AFC Playoff Picture


How about those Jets?

Kidding, they are headed to a high draft pick and a new coach, if you ask me.

The real interesting story is the AFC Playoff picture.

The Texans, currently number 1, have had a few close calls in the past weeks, but managed to win, as as champion should. They have a running game, a passing attack, a strong defensive front, and a possible Pro-Bowl QB. I don’t think they’ll have a bye week going into the playoffs however.

These next two teams will though.

The Ravens will be the number 1 seed in the AFC. Why? They have luck on their side, no, not Luck, as in Andrew, but they are lucky. First, they “beat” the Patriots early in the season. Then, Ray Rice miraculously converted a 4th and 29 to beat the Chargers. Sure, it was the Chargers, but they were ballsy enough to go for it on fourth down, let alone fourth and a mile. They got lucky to get the 1st down. And now, Ray Lewis is coming back, allegedly he is going to make a return to the field soon. Which is going to be the boost that team needs to beat a lot of tough teams down the stretch. They are going to get lucky and, barring an injury or upset they will make it back to the AFC Championship game.

They’ll probably play this next team:

The Patriots. They’ll be back, as usual, and something seems special about this team. It might be the coach, it might be the quarterback, it might be the two tight ends, it might just be a number of things, like a 52 man team. (I know its a 53 man squad, but Kyle Arrington is the worst player in the league, therefore he doesn’t count).

Every player on this team has a goal, and they look up to their leaders and they just do their job. The defense gets the ball to the offense, and in some cases they get it to the end zone. The offense has several looks they can pull out and beat teams with. Best case scenario would be the 2 tight end set with one running back. Due to injuries, that can’t happen. So then they can go to the 5-wide set and go deep or dump it to a 5’9″ white receiver (Welker or Edelman). Or they can line up with two running backs, and pound it to set up the play action.

The only thing that can kill them is themselves (I’m pointing my finger right the f*ck at you Gostowski) or Eli Manning, but let’s not go there now.

If they can beat the 49ers and Texans in the next few weeks (without Gronkowski, mind you), then get healthy for the playoffs, I’ll be planning my trip to the parade.

Then come the Broncos, which if they play a home game, are probably dangerous, but my guess is that Peyton Manning will be getting sore about week 15 or so, and Von Miller’s insane play right now will be coming to a close.

As for the wildcard, its up for grabs. My guess is going to be the Colts and the Bengals. (Sorry to my Steelers connections, its not happening this year).

The Colts are hopefully playing the Broncos, for obvious reasons it’d be great to see and it looks destined to happen. I mean Andrew Luck is “no Peyton Manning” but he’s looked decent this season. Not against the Patriots, or away from Lucas Oil Stadium, but good for a goofy rookie.

The Bengals are a sleeper team, they are young and talented and they are going to feed off the Steelers’ current predicament. They have a dangerous team lead by a ginger QB, who is going through a sophomore slump.

It’ll be interesting to watch, and I’m hoping the Patriots will go 13-3 (16-0 if not for 4 points) and all the way to the Duck Boats.



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