About the Hobbit


Have you seen the Hobbit trailers????

You should.

I read the book and I am more excited about this adaptation than I am for Disney buying Star Wars… Which isn’t much excitement. Ok, let me rephrase my excitement meter. I’m more excited about the Hobbit adaptation than I am about the Red Sox signing Bobby Valentine. Shit… One more try. I’m more excited about the Hobbit movie than Halo 4, Assassin’s Creed 3 being in America, and Black Ops 2 zombies maps, combined.

Did that make sense?

Doesn’t matter, I have never been more excited about a movie since the Dark Knight Rises. Well, damn I can’t get these “metaphors” down. Whatever.

The Hobbit movie looks like it is going to resemble more of the book and even have more detail put into than the LOTR trilogy. I’m excited. I know the Hobbit is being turned into a trilogy of movies, and is an interesting move, but it falls along the lines of the sale of Star Wars to Disney. It’s trying to add more to an already great piece of literature and hopefully inspire more imagination in nerds like me.

I have followed the available behind the scenes of the Hobbit film and, I have to say Peter Jackson knows how to get it done. I recognized a few familiar faces from the LOTR behind the scenes. So he has a great team, and he has some great actors in the key roles.

Great move by bringing back Ian McKellan as Gandalf, he hasn’t aged a bit. Gollum (Andy Serkis) is also back, which is essential to the success in the movie.

I’m only excited for this movie.



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