About The NHL Lockout


If you’re wondering where I’ve been, which you probably haven’t, I’ve been working and going to college, and I haven’t really tried to write for you. I have a reminder on my phone, but I keep ignoring it. Ignoring it for good reasons (not just ignoring it), such as free beer, girls, Buffalo Wild Wings, girls, FIFA 13, girls, “homework.” You get it. (But honestly, not that many “girls”).

If you happened to have read this in the past year, you are probably a sports fan, like myself. Which means you are probably upset about the NHL Lockout, as am I. The NHL and NHLPA need to get a new CBA done not just because they are losing money, but because they are losing fans. Not me, and hopefully not you, dear reader. Other fans, newer fans, like most LA Kings fans, or the Tampa Bay Lightning fan. Those types of fans are the ones who are least effected by the lockout and may jump ship and stop following hockey all together.

The NHL recently got those fans, I mean, the league was in a lockout only 8 years ago; so those fans can’t have been around too long. Some of those southern teams don’t have long histories either.

I know I’d like there to be a season, preferably before or on Christmas; but it looks like, thanks to Lex Luther, I mean Gary Bettman, we might not get a season… again.



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