About That Math Language


I’m “allegedly” supposed to do math right now. It’s an online course and all, but honestly, it might as well be an ancient language to me. I’ll say it, I am in the lowest math course available at a collegiate level. I’m not that ashamed by it. I mean, none of math makes sense to me. Ok, rephrase, none of this math makes sense to me.

I can understand 5+5=10.

I can understand that if I have 20 dollars I have more than you.

I understand when there’s a 60% sale price on a 180 dollar jacket, it’s worth the deal.

I understand real math, not this sh*t that I have to do. I don’t get (f)=x^2+4x-9

or what ever that is.

I just am stupid when it comes down to it. I am completely checked out with math, and to think that math is really the only thing stopping me from transferring to a history program, is really disappointing. I am a good student, but math has never added up for me.

Pun intended.

Where I excel is writing, kind of, I mean I can’t tell you what a clause is or what a semi colon does; but I can entertain you. At least I like to think so, and I’ve been told so. But I am not going to be one of those pricks who sit outside wall street waiting for the money to be given to me. I’m not going to be one of the millions of Californians who moved out west to “make it big.” I’m not going to work at Zumiez, ever. Meaning that I won’t get my Bachelor’s degree in business and then rant at some kid about how he’s trying to get his associate’s in business, transfer to get a BA in history, then his Master’s in Education; then proceed to tell him getting a teaching job is worthless, pointing out how he’s had his bachelor’s degree, but worked at Zumiez for 4 years.

Okay, I ranted.

This guy at Zumiez really pissed me off. Dude, you work at a skate shop. That’s all well and cool if you work there while in high school or college, but you, as someone who has a higher education degree and is working at minimum wage I presume, should not be telling anyone how to go about their life.

Speaking of hipster dipsh*ts, that is what is killing America.

Partly because of the unemployment, and the debt and all. The fact that the blue-collar additude is dying. Some people, like those reformists and hipsters, think that everything is going to be given to them, and really, it’s not. The American dream isn’t about being given “things,” unless of course that thing is opportunity. If you consider yourself a true American you should not expect things to fall in your lap. You need to go out their and get it. If I really want to follow my dreams I will, but I’m not going to waste my education on a film degree, where the chances are I’ll fail and end up working at Starbucks. No, I’m going to get a real education and then pursue my dreams, if I fail, I can fall back on teaching, selling, or managing a store.

I may not have all the math answers, I may not have any idea where I’m going, but if I fail, I’ll have a backup plan.



Sorry about the ranting in this post. That guy at Zumiez has really been eating away at me. Plus I’m procrastinating on math…


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