About The Red Sox


This entry is brought to you by this song here.

[I’ll also mention, that this entry is not actually brought to you by that song. I just really like it.]

You should check it out.

So, those Red Sox, huh?

They need to make moves, either blow the team up or try to contend right away.

Starting with off with catcher, just get Mike Napoli, and juggle things from there. It’s not going to hurt, and the worst that’s going to happen is that we trade one of the FOUR catchers we’ll have.

Then would be first base, try to get Lars Anderson back? Please? I mean why did they get rid of him 3 weeks before the mega trade? Plus you can use one of the FOUR catchers we have and make them a firstbaseman.

Secondbase, I see 3 options. That’s way more than what most Sox fans have; which is sign Pedroia long term. My other ideas would be to trade him for half of some organization’s farm system and rebuild all around. Another, far fetched idea is make him the shortstop.

Third-base is all set, for the foreseeable future at least.

Shortstop has a few options as well; move Pedroia over and those problems are set, while moving Pedro Ciriaco and Jose Iglesias over to second base. I think the Red Sox should either trade to get Elvis Andrus; a Jacoby Elsbury and one prospect trade could get him here. Solve those problems easily, while having Ciriaco as the utility fielder/Yankee killer. Or you could rotate the 2 current SS and wait for a prospect to come up in the future.

The outfield is not looking good. I think they need to get rid of Elsbury now, while he’s worth something. I think he is going to get hurt, or worse have a bad season. The Red Sox could and should get Gincarlo Stanton, he’s a power hitting outfielder who is 23 and would be a nice addition to a lineup featuring Pedroia, Papi, and Middlebrooks. I want him on the team. If we can get Cody Ross back we’ll have a team that can take on the rest of the AL East.

Of course pitching is an issue.

The starters are what need the most work. I think the bullpen did a good job until Alfredo Aceves lost his cool a few months last year. Daniel Bard might be back to form, Aceves can pitch, Junichi Tazawa is supposedly pretty good, Andrew Miller is a good lefty to have, and Bailey will be the closer. It’s not too bad…

The starting pitchers however…

It seems like we only have 3 real pitchers. Jon Lester, if he returns to form, Clay Buchholz, who I thought pitched really well after some organ of his burst. And Felix Dubront, who hopefully can repeat what he did last year. They will need to sign a pitcher, perhaps… Grenkie? I think, although the Boston media will rip into him the first bad start, he would be a good fit here. John Farrell is a good manager, especially with pitchers, he can calm him down when needed, give him a rest here and there. I want Zach Grenkie.

Oh and the Sox will have Lackey back.

So, really if they can get Lars Anderson, Gincarlo Stanton and Zach Grenkie, they won’t be as bad as we are expecting. At least, writing this made me think so. Of course, this team did just finish horrendously the past 2 years in a row, so this year could be worse, like the region of New England bursting into flames bad.



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