About Time Travel


I’m watching back to the future right now; as if the tweets on the side panel didn’t show that.

Is time travel possible? If it is… What would I do with it?

First off, I think it is. In a way we do it in our daily lives. People who travel from New Hampshire to California on a plane are technically traveling backwards in time. It’s 1:40 here, in Cali however it is 10:40. So if I got on a flight right now I could technically be in LA before I “publish” this post.

So I’d think if things worked that way, if you travel around the world fast enough you could time travel.

Of course that’s not how it works. Time keeps going in an infinite line. Until December 21st of course.

If I could time travel anywhere… Anytime, rather; I’d go to either the 1920s and be a prohibition bandit and tear up the roaring 20s. Or I’d go back to the golden age of piracy and be a rum runner to the colonies.

Of course after the first few close calls I’d want to settle down in the fifties or sometime safe. You know the only danger is the dysfunctional Russians.



2 thoughts on “About Time Travel

  1. Nostra says:

    I’m a big fan of time travel movies. As for travelling somewhere I’d probably choose the future (100 years into the future for example) to find out which gadgets are available.

    • lomonte11 says:

      For whatever reason I didn’t even think to go forward in time. I probably wouldn’t want to just because the way that my generation and younger generations are acting is pathetic and not going to be a way to run a country. But it would also be sweet because of all the gadgets and alternate reality games.

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