About Snowfall


This entry is brought to you by this song here

We finally got snow in Durham!

Which means winter has arrived! And like most native new Englanders it’s the start of an exciting season. Snowmobiling, ice fishing, hockey and snowball fights are on their way.

More importantly than that, it’s time for Christmas and New Year’s Eve; the time of giving, receiving, and drinking. Usually following New Year’s Eve it is the time of headaches and broken resolutions.

Back to the Christmas thing though, what do you want for Christmas? Is it your 2 front teeth? A Susie-talks-a-lot? A beebee gun to shoot your eye out with? Or for you hippie freaks, is it “world peace?”

Whatever is on your wish list I hope you get it.

I know I’m just looking forward to being home having snow football games in my backyard with my brothers, making forts with my neighbors and later on playing zombies or Mario kart/super smash bros., for hours and hours on end. Then when their mom kicks us out of their house repeat the process. I’m also looking forward to coming inside from the frozen tundra that is my yard and having some nice warm cookies while my limbs thaw out by the fire.


God f*cking d*amnit!

It’s f-f-f*cking cold out! I have never wanted to have it be s-summer more than right n-now!

Everything is frozen, I’m pretty sure my windshield is just made of ice, no one can drive in this weather, whenever I leave my house my nostrils freeze; f*ck this weather, this season, this month… February sucks!

It’s this month in winter where everything turns to sh*t. It’s too cold out to leave your house. And when you do leave all you see is other miserable people out. Or couples. And when you’re a frozen Scrooge, it’s disgusting to see.

Plus the roads suck to drive on. And it’s f*cking cold!



One thought on “About Snowfall

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