Boston’s Mount Rushmore


The song today doesn’t have anything to do with the post (but its a hot jam), which I wanted to save for later but can’t seem to think of what else to write. So the song, without further ado is Footloose- by Kenny Loggins.

If you were wondering what I meant by “Mount Rushmore” I mean the 4 most important players to each of the 4 major sports in Boston.

To start the all-time Rushmore for Boston is:

Bruins- Number 4, Bobby Orr. The greatest defenseman to ever play the game of hockey. He could go goal line to goal line past everybody else and score with ultimate ease.

Celtics- I apologize to Larry Bird, but I have to go with Bill Russell. The second greatest center behind Wilt Chamberlain, however cases could be made that Russell was better. No one can really beat 11 rings in 13 years.

Patriots- Tom Brady. Do I really need to explain why, and is there any other option?

Red Sox- Teddy Ball Game- Ted Williams. If it weren’t for the war he would be the greatest baseball player to play the game. He was just a great player and person. His highlights are scarce.

I do have to sign off here. I’m going to watch Duck Dynasty. Tomorrow, unless there is groundbreaking, earthshattering sporting news I’ll break down the current Rushmore.


Patriots Offseason Column


Today I’m feeling the song that I fell down some stairs to over the weekend(I was drunk), Hey Baby by DJ Otzi.

Nevertheless, that song is great, on repeat since I woke up the next day.

Today there has been a lot of Patriots talk, even on national TV. Mostly about the Tom Brady and then a little about the draft.

I think the Patriots have a huge opportunity her now that Brady reconstructed his contract. First off, it shows how much of a class act he is by restructuring his contract so the organization can have more cap room when they need it while it is flat. Also it shows that he wants to retire as a Patriot. He is focused on the now and later, he wants to see more rings come his way and leave on top.

To anyone, like Felger and other theorists, who think that Brady did this so he’ll get more money later in his career and did this move only for himself, is just plain crazy. Brady is the All-American golden boy. He has the story everyone wants to hear.


Tom Brady, born and raised in California in the Joe Montana Era got to grow up watching the 49ers have success. He idoled Joe Montana. He was at “the catch” game. He then went on to Michigan where he found success in football. He was a good quarterback there but a greater teammate. He and his family expected him to go in a higher round. He waited and waited and then all of a sudden it was the 6th round he and his family were devastated, and they couldn’t watch the NFL draft anymore. They went on a walk. When he got back he found he’d been drafted by the New England Patriot.

[Shades of gray on that mini bio]

From there he was nearly cut, but Bill Belichick kept him as the 4th string, he thought he saw something great in Tom. More than great Bill, more than great. It was in between his rookie season and his second season when he had a brief conversation with Bob Kraft, the owner of the team. He asked Bob, “Do you know who I am?”

Bob replied, “You’re our backup quarterback.”

Tom: “I’m the best damn decision you’ve ever made.”

And wasn’t he?

Arguably the greatest QB to play the game, certainly the greatest of his era. Tom went on to win 3 of 5 Super Bowls he went to, and brought a team to 16-0. He was the best decision Bob Kraft made.


Decisions, decisions, that is what the Krafts and Belichick will need to make.

They have cap space, they have a draft class that has depth of positions they need. What should they do?

I think they need to ditch Welker, as much as I like him and as much as he’s helped, he’s 32 and not getting any faster. Not to mention they haven’t won with him. He’s not a problem teammate, but we just haven’t won with him.

It might be time for the offense to go in a different playstyle. Away from the slot game, now that they have 3-4 runningbacks in the system that they can call upon for 2,3,4 yards. They should go in the “traditional” style; fast and tall receivers, big TEs, and the RBs previously mentioned.

Greg Jennings and Mike Wallace are both free agents, and I believe they need to go look deeply into getting them. I’m more of a Mike Wallace fan, and would think that he’d be a great addition to the roster.

Another replacement for Welker could be Danny Amendola also through free-agency, or Tavon Austin from the draft. He had great a 40 yard dash time and has looked just like Welker in his college career.


Now the defense:

Needs to sign Aqib Talib. Period.

Also needs to add another DB, whether through trade, free agency or the draft. The draft class looks deep, and I hope it is. The big name is Tyranne Matheiu, who would, in my opinion, only fit with the no tolerance Patriots. He would add depth and skills. However, if they can’t draft Austin in the 1st round they should draft a top DB. A big one too, 6’1″ or taller. Big receivers killed them last year. They really need Richard Sherman, but that trade won’t happen anytime soon.

They should draft a DT because Vince Wilfork isn’t getting any younger. Just someone who he could teach his ways too.

Also, I think if he falls to them in the 2nd or 3rd round, they should try for Manti T’eo. He has some skills, and with Spikes and Mayo alongside him the run defense will only get better.


Videos, Jenny Dell and a lot of Links


Song of the day- The Boys Are Back by the Dropkick Murphy’s 

So to start off this post is going to be random. I repeat, RANDOM!

I miss the summer, one because of the weather, which I posted about a while back.  I miss summer more because of the freedom of being able to do whatever I want like make these videos with my neighbors and brothers.

Those videos are some of the funnest parts of my summers which I’ll miss terribly as I get older. It is my dream to make videos professionally. Clearly I’m not headed in that direction at the moment. But I’ll get there.

Making movies is a skill, not a profession. That took a lot for me to say but seriously, anything I’ve made has all been self taught and sped through to finish them by the next day because my little brothers are impatient. I don’t think you should go to college for something you can learn in a 24 dollar book and the right software to edit videos. I know a few people, friends, who might get mad at me for saying that.

Before I say more, this is a random post, so I’ll stick to that theme.

I’m watching the Red Sox/Rays spring training game and I looked over and saw this beauty on the screen.

10502950-largeI think she has been the best sideline reporter NESN has, I mean look at her.

Not to mention she’s a local girl who is knows enough about the Red Sox, and went to UMASS. I loved Heidi Watney as much as the next Sox fan but boy NESN out-did themselves when they found Jenny. First off, I have heard that the CEO or whatever of NESN is a fiend and is really sexual toward the females who work there.

Compared to the other side reporter, Trisha Takanawa, I mean Noaoko Funanyama, for the Bruins; Jenny Dell is a goddess. Noaoko just stands there asks a question to Chara and trembles next to him because she’s afraid if she moves to quickly he might eat her.

Jenny Dell on the other hand has actual relations with the players. I mean she might even have “relations” with the players. Her and Willy Middlebrooks would make a Boston power couple, although Will has a girlfriend I believe.

Right now the Sox are losing its expected at this point. John Lackey started the game. We’re only down by 2 runs so Lackey pitched well. Judging by his 53 MPH fastball it wasn’t too bad.

So far from watching the game at the one year old spring training stadium, I like the it. It seems relaxing and enjoyable as baseball should be. Especially spring training ball.

I guess I just made this post because its been awhile. Some of you might have missed the past 2 if you follow me on twitter because I was saving a tweet for some friends.

Anyway, just take another look at Jenny Dell before you stop reading. Gorgeous.


Oh and- Tie game, home run Jose Iglesias!

Deadline Talk

Here it is,

Song of the day- Midnight Life by The White Panda

So here it is, one of the most pivotal days in Boston Celtics history; it is in my opinion at least. The trade deadline is here and Danny Ainge will be up all night trying to work something out. Or he’ll be up all night declining calls from every team from here to the golden gate bridge.

The Celtics are in a tough spot, and after last night’s loss to the rival Lakers, I feel now more than ever they need to make one or two earth shaking deals. Danny Ainge

These can come in any form; whether its Kevin Garnett to the Clippers, Paul Pierce to the Hawks, or Rondo to the Lakers. Danny should be making a move and it will potentially shape the league for years to come.

I want 2 of those deals to go through, and I’ll explain why each of them, if they are made will be a huge factor in the Celtics future.

The first aforementioned deal, with Garnett heading to the Clippers would bring Eric Bledsoe and DeAndre Jordan to Boston. I want this deal, I want it because it adds flexibility to the Celtics roster and makes them like a decade or two younger. However this deal looks stagnant at the moment and may need to be sweetened up for both teams. Perhaps add in Jason Terry on the Celtics side and a future draft pick on the Clippers side. It’d be a great trade that would help both teams in the now, and more the Celtics in the future.

Make it Danny!

The second deal above is the Paul Pierce for Josh Smith deal, which I do not want. Unless, unless of course the KG-deal is made. In which case the deal would make more than enough sense. If both deals are made the Celtics deal would look like:



Green-SF (Out of position, but more like Pierce?)


DeAndre Jordan-C


Courtney Lee, Brandon Bass, Jarred Sullinger, Fab Melo, Terrence Williams… That looks pretty good heading into next year not to mention only one or two guys are over 30.

Swing that if you can Danny!

The last, least possible deal is Rondo for Dwight Howard. As much as I hate and love Rajon Rondo, this should be the last resort deal. That would be if everything else fails and you feel like the only way to win now, and later is for Dwight to come to Boston. Not to mention you have to sign him this off season, and promise we are building around him. I don’t want this deal.

Last case resort Mr. Ainge.

Let’s see what happens. LET’S MAKE A DEAL!!!



Michael Jordan-That Is All


This entry is inspired by Wing$ by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say that but…here goes nothing).

Well it’s really Inspired by the one and only MJ, Michael Jordan, everybody.


There will only by one 23, one Michael Jordan, the greatest to ever play the game.

I might be slighted because I’m a Celtics fan of the 21st century. That meaning that I hate Kobe,  and LeBron and never really witnessed MJ dominate on the court.

However, I do know that he dominated every game he ever played in. He was more than just a gamechanger, he was more than a man, a myth and a legend on the court. He was Michael Jordan.

LeBron James is a great basketball, but he’s not MJ great. I honestly don’t think he ever will be. He may surpass 23 in the stats during final years of his career but he went straight from high school to the NBA. Jordan went to NC from 1981-83. And then, one of the great tragedies in sports, Jordan took 2 years off to play baseball.

If you really think that James is better than MJ at the end of it all; take off the same 4 years that he wouldn’t have played if he were Michael Jordan.

Then, and only then can we put the debate at rest one way or another.

If it is in fact a pro-LeBron stat base, then he’ll be equal to MJ. But never really equal, its about success, when it all boils down to it. Michael Jordan has 6 NBA Championships, 6 Finals MVPs, and 5 NBA MVPs. Not to mention the 14 times he was selected into the NBA All-Star game, and named MVP of the game 3 of those times. And we can’t forget to bring up the 10 time scoring leader in the NBA. Oh and he averaged 30 points per game.

Your move LeBron, and LeBron fans.

I never saw MJ play live; but I still know that he could take control of the game at any moment. Even when he was young, and had to play against all-time greats like Magic and Bird, he gave them fits defensively. He would match up with any player on the floor and beat him. Allegedly, at age 49, so two weeks ago, he beat Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (Lottery pick, age 19) in a one-on-one game.

Let’s be real here and say that Michael really only played for one team, the Bulls. That nonsense with the Wizards doesn’t count. He was the face of Chicago and eventually America in 1992.

LeBron on the other hand, ran away from a city that he was nearly born and raised in, as well as took the “easy” route and teamed up with 2 other All-Stars. Jordan had Scotty Pippen, and was “lucky” that the Bulls traded for him. I don’t think he needed Scotty though. In this case LeBron is a chump, a coward and the Cavaliers suck as an organization. Not to mention Cleveland sucks as well.

Anyway. Michael Jordan will always be the best player that ever lived. No question.


By the way- I heard Brian Scalabrine is undefeated in one-on-ones since he retired….

Also- Michael stars in one of the best movies made in the 90’s.

About The Next Step


I’m going to give you 2 songs today! One, which I think might’ve been linked to once, and another that is also related to this entry.

Currently I am in the 2-year associate’s degree program at UNH, and today I finalized my application to transfer to the 4 year bachelor’s program. I am all but accepted into the official “real” UNH. It’s really a big step for me, one of many that are about to happen.

If you care to read on, which I have no problem with; you’ll find out that there’s more to me than sports opinions and music.


First off, there is a chance that this is my last semester at college, which is very disappointing to me. But I’m in good academic standing so I should be fine and be back next year. Which is what that first song is about. If I’m not here for a long time, just forget what people are saying and have a good time with me. You won’t regret it.

Once I get some money saved up, which is what’s holding me back lately, I’m just ready for a good time. I don’t want to think about tomorrow and just get going with today, tonight and we’ll see where things go.

That’s beside the point and I don’t want to say anything I might regret.

After this semester comes the summer, quite natural really. I wish I could just relax this summer, make easy, hourly wages and kick it at the beach or where ever the day brings me; but I can’t. We can’t afford to pay college, and in this economy I need a college education. So, once I talk to a recruiter and he says I’m good to go, and I plan on joining the Air National Guard.

Now I don’t want this to seem like I’m just doing this for to pay for college, because I’m not.

Anyway, this summer I’m going to boot camp and then training for a job I’ll be doing for an air base near me.

It’s really a big decision and it is going to change me, a lot. I’ve already started going to the gym to train for this, and I am really set on going for it. I think this will be good for me in multiple ways. Whether its my character, my job skills, my dedication, or my health; I want to go into the Air National Guard.

I’m looking at it like it is part of my duty as an American to go through this, which in my opinion it should be. –but that’s another entry for another day–

I guess what I’m saying is, that if you planned on seeing me this summer, it’s not happening and you’ll need to now before I go to boot camp (hopefully).


Moving on to the next step after this semester and this summer. I plan on getting my communication degree then from there getting my master’s degree somewhere, in something to be determined later.

After I get accepted into a BA program here at UNH, I’m not looking back. I plan on getting rich, and anyone in my way had better get on or get out of my way. Which is the 2nd song… I guess.

Anyhow, I’m not revealing my business plans here, but I am going to be successful, mark my words.

I will however have 4 or 5 degrees by the age of 26, between the 3 I plan on getting at actual colleges and the one or two I plan on getting online I will be ready and able to take whatever I want.

What I do plan on doing:

-Eventually launching this as a website

-Publishing a book (which has been “previewed” here previously)

-Buying land

-Way down the road-own a sports franchise


I think this is random enough.


About The New Look Sox


I don’t even need to say why this is the song of the post.

Today, February 18th has long been the day that pitchers and catchers report to spring training. I know because it is also my dad’s birthday and he would let me know whenever he could.

So, last year’s Red Sox shouldn’t ever be mentioned again, but hey, I have to.

The 2012 Red Sox will go down in infamy, but will be forgotten faster than you can say “Bobby Valentine fell off a bike in New York City.”

It’s true he did. He also fell off his rocker. I’m not sure if he was mentally stable before he came to Boston, but he sure as h*ll wasn’t when he left.

Onto this year’s team.

We hired (and yes I say we because being a Red Sox fan is deeper than being just a fan, its in your blood, you can’t be a casual Red Sox fan)… so we hired John Farrell and that, in my opinion is half the battle.

We also signed a handful of okay players who are clearly transition guys from them into our farm systems. The Red Sox best hope is that this year we can just be better than last year and that next year we have a competitive team.

Our lineup this year looks like this (with my opinion of each)

1-RF-Shane Victorino- I kinda like this signing, he looks like a great all around guy, and you know what he’s capable of as a player.

2-CF- Jacoby Elsbury- Should trade him before the deadline to get something back from him before he signs with the Yankees as a FA.

3- 2B-Dustin Pedroia- Heart and soul of the Sox.

4-DH-David Ortiz-The rest of the Sox, he will not be as big as we’d like him to be.

5-1B-Mike Napoli- Waste of time and money, should have never traded Lars Anderson.

6-3B-Will Middlebrooks-Going to put up same numbers as last year, although will play 154+games.

7-C-Jarrod Saltalamachhia- You’re going to get whatever you can get from him, hopefully similar to last year with less Ks.

8-LF-David Ross- I’m not sure what to think of him, the ownership clearly thinks he’s the next Kevin Millar or something but he just looks stupid because he’s not Millar.

9-SS-Pedro Ciriaco-I think Ciriaco is the real deal, the “Yankee Killah” I think he’ll beat out JD Drew’s brother Stephen Drew, and Jose Iglesias for the SS job. He’s fast, seems to have a great sense of what Yankees pitchers are going to do, and great smile.


Jon Lester-He seems too emotional lately, a lot of “I feel this, I feel that” statements, dude just shut up and pitch.


Ryan Dempster-You’re not in Chicago anymore, its ok, seriously, you’ll be fine.

Felix Dubront- Just do your thing man, you can pitch.

Rubby De la Rosa- Another surprise, he’s going to be the next Pedro Martinez, he pitches like him, and let’s be honest, there’s no way John Lackey can throw more than 83 MPH, right?

The bullpen will be fine, but can we please stop calling Joel Hanrahan an “All-Star” closer? Jesus… He was an “All Star” on the Pittsburgh Pirates, I’ll say that again, the PITTSBURGH PIRATES, they’re awful! And the MLB is soft and makes some one from each team an All Star now! So we all know that Hanrahan is the pity player that the Pirates had to send because Bud Selig made everyone send someone. I’m pretty sure the guy has a friggin’ 4.36 ERA. If that’s the case I’m an All Star too! Just like I’m the Super Bowl MVP (Last Paragraph I think).

Anyway, I think the Sox will finish 3rd in the AL East, ahead of the Yankees and Orioles, and that Jackie Bradley Jr. and Xander Boegarts will make some noise when it’s September call-ups time.