About Procrastination


This entry is brought to you by a video I made, which is here.

Listen to it while reading this, and sipping your iced chai latte, you little hipster. Online blogs? Really?

I’m personally disgusted by writing this, but hey, I’m procrastinating.

More about the video/song you’re supposed to be listening to; my little 12 year old brother showed me the song and I couldn’t find the video on YouTube, to listen to while I was working. So naturally, once I forced the title and artist out of him I went to work creating that little masterpiece you clicked on. Right? Click it. Listen, sip your dunkachino.

Any how, I was supposed to be doing work today, but then got distracted, listened to the song on repeat, made the video, talked to a bunch of people online, got real work done, ate, then am back to procrastinating.

And that is going to be my downfall in my adult life. I am a good worker, but I need to have a secretary or assistant to guide me in what I’m supposed to be doing. I mean genius can’t be tamed but I need some direction sometimes, right?

When I procrastinate I usually read up on how the Red Sox are going to suck this year, how the Celtics will be the first all senior citizen team in the NBA, how the Patriots are the epitome of the NFL, and how the Bruins are quietly the best team in the NHL.

And then after I read all that, I spit out whatever nonsense I can type here, and force all 2 of you to read it.

Where was I?

Procrastination, yeah, awful, for example, I’ve been in the library for nearly 4 hours and got 2 things of homework done, written a blog, made a video, and texted a lot. Meanwhile y’all are watching the Super Bowl.

Which, I had no interest in once Satan’s servant, I mean Bernard Pollard speared Stevan Ridley.

I can’t say anything else. I have ADD and am caffeinated right now, but, I hope you enjoyed my random thoughts while you were drinking your carmel mocha iced coffee.



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