About the Rondo-less Celtics


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Wind back the clocks to about a week ago, so January 27th or so, and the Celtics looked like sh*t. Then we got some bad news–  no, some terrible, very-bad, no-good, horrible news.

Rondo is out for the season.

Everyone found out during the Heat game, well everyone but the Celtics. And they won the game. You know what happened the game after that? They won again. After that?

Sullinger- Out for season.

Okay Doc, douse the fire and call in the dogs, season’s over. 

Then what happened?

They won two more, and aren’t looking old. Which brings me to one part of this entry; should the Celtics be blown up now?

I say yes. This little spurt cannot last forever. Let alone win a championship. The Celtics need to be broken up and start building for the future. For one, keep Sullinger, Melo, Green, and Bradley. I hate to say it but trade Garnett, Lee, Terry and Bass. Trade them for only draft picks if possible. Draft picks for this next draft too.

This will be a good starting point to build around your general, Rajon Rondo. Not only that but every player will be young, and if they get good draft slots they can basically grow up together. Look at the Thunder: Ibaka, Westbrook, and Durant have played with each other for years now, not to mention how Harden gelled with them.

The Celtics need to blow it up and build around Rondo and need to make that clear. Make that clear now. Unless…


Rondo is the problem?

I mean, I don’t think that this winning streak can last a long time. But who knows?

I could be wrong after all, I recently tweeted that I could be a Super Bowl MVP because Joe Flacco won one. I was also wrong when I once said that the Red Sox had the World Series already won in August 2011.

So what if the Celtics do make a deep run into the Playoffs without Rondo? What then?

Well Dale, its called a trophy fish so yeahh they’re pretty big.

They should trade Rondo as fast as possible, to a lottery team so Danny Ainge can pick gold and get the next Larry Bird or Paul Pierce. Rondo might indeed be the problem of the Celtics, he is a magician but, from what I’ve heard he might be a locker room pest. Don’t tell any teams though because we might need to get him out of Boston.

I am still on the fence about trading him however, but in my opinion the Celtics need to get a lottery pick in the next draft. Whether that’s trading Rondo, or the aforementioned players, or just throwing the season; they need a lottery pick.


PS- Keep Paul Pierce until he needs hip surgery, he was born in LA but was meant to be a Celtic for life.


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