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Today’s entry is accompanied by this song here.

It’s a song that best describes Boston Bruin forward, Tyler Seguin.

There have been a few critics about his “slow” start to the NHL regular season. I say lay off the kid, except for Brad Marchand, you can give him hell if you want.

People are blaming the Swiss league and their bigger rinks as a factor to his slothy start. The tough time they’re giving him is his transition to the NHL’s smaller size rinks. Seguin has looked good in his first games back, with plenty of chances. Only he’s playing against harder competition in the NHL, literally the world’s best goalies. It’s not his fault.

I’m personally fine with how he’s been playing and the way the Bruins have been as well. They’re 6-1-1 and looked great in their first few games, and only bad in their latest, against the Vanek-led Sabres. That was nearly 4 days ago, I think the Bruins will be fine. As long as they keep playing like this its fine.

So is Tyler Seguin.

I’d rather have him start of slow while the rest of the team is hot, than have it the other way around. If the team started out slow and he was continuing to play like he was in the Swiss league, I’m not sure if I’d like it.

The Bruins are winning and getting off to a good start, which is great because if and when they slump their winning early on can keep them up for a while.

My point is, Seguin’s “slow” start is fine, because when he catches on fire, and he will; it will be when the Bruins are slumping, which in turn can only help them win close games.



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