About The New Look Sox


I don’t even need to say why this is the song of the post.

Today, February 18th has long been the day that pitchers and catchers report to spring training. I know because it is also my dad’s birthday and he would let me know whenever he could.

So, last year’s Red Sox shouldn’t ever be mentioned again, but hey, I have to.

The 2012 Red Sox will go down in infamy, but will be forgotten faster than you can say “Bobby Valentine fell off a bike in New York City.”

It’s true he did. He also fell off his rocker. I’m not sure if he was mentally stable before he came to Boston, but he sure as h*ll wasn’t when he left.

Onto this year’s team.

We hired (and yes I say we because being a Red Sox fan is deeper than being just a fan, its in your blood, you can’t be a casual Red Sox fan)… so we hired John Farrell and that, in my opinion is half the battle.

We also signed a handful of okay players who are clearly transition guys from them into our farm systems. The Red Sox best hope is that this year we can just be better than last year and that next year we have a competitive team.

Our lineup this year looks like this (with my opinion of each)

1-RF-Shane Victorino- I kinda like this signing, he looks like a great all around guy, and you know what he’s capable of as a player.

2-CF- Jacoby Elsbury- Should trade him before the deadline to get something back from him before he signs with the Yankees as a FA.

3- 2B-Dustin Pedroia- Heart and soul of the Sox.

4-DH-David Ortiz-The rest of the Sox, he will not be as big as we’d like him to be.

5-1B-Mike Napoli- Waste of time and money, should have never traded Lars Anderson.

6-3B-Will Middlebrooks-Going to put up same numbers as last year, although will play 154+games.

7-C-Jarrod Saltalamachhia- You’re going to get whatever you can get from him, hopefully similar to last year with less Ks.

8-LF-David Ross- I’m not sure what to think of him, the ownership clearly thinks he’s the next Kevin Millar or something but he just looks stupid because he’s not Millar.

9-SS-Pedro Ciriaco-I think Ciriaco is the real deal, the “Yankee Killah” I think he’ll beat out JD Drew’s brother Stephen Drew, and Jose Iglesias for the SS job. He’s fast, seems to have a great sense of what Yankees pitchers are going to do, and great smile.


Jon Lester-He seems too emotional lately, a lot of “I feel this, I feel that” statements, dude just shut up and pitch.


Ryan Dempster-You’re not in Chicago anymore, its ok, seriously, you’ll be fine.

Felix Dubront- Just do your thing man, you can pitch.

Rubby De la Rosa- Another surprise, he’s going to be the next Pedro Martinez, he pitches like him, and let’s be honest, there’s no way John Lackey can throw more than 83 MPH, right?

The bullpen will be fine, but can we please stop calling Joel Hanrahan an “All-Star” closer? Jesus… He was an “All Star” on the Pittsburgh Pirates, I’ll say that again, the PITTSBURGH PIRATES, they’re awful! And the MLB is soft and makes some one from each team an All Star now! So we all know that Hanrahan is the pity player that the Pirates had to send because Bud Selig made everyone send someone. I’m pretty sure the guy has a friggin’ 4.36 ERA. If that’s the case I’m an All Star too! Just like I’m the Super Bowl MVP (Last Paragraph I think).

Anyway, I think the Sox will finish 3rd in the AL East, ahead of the Yankees and Orioles, and that Jackie Bradley Jr. and Xander Boegarts will make some noise when it’s September call-ups time.



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