About The Next Step


I’m going to give you 2 songs today! One, which I think might’ve been linked to once, and another that is also related to this entry.

Currently I am in the 2-year associate’s degree program at UNH, and today I finalized my application to transfer to the 4 year bachelor’s program. I am all but accepted into the official “real” UNH. It’s really a big step for me, one of many that are about to happen.

If you care to read on, which I have no problem with; you’ll find out that there’s more to me than sports opinions and music.


First off, there is a chance that this is my last semester at college, which is very disappointing to me. But I’m in good academic standing so I should be fine and be back next year. Which is what that first song is about. If I’m not here for a long time, just forget what people are saying and have a good time with me. You won’t regret it.

Once I get some money saved up, which is what’s holding me back lately, I’m just ready for a good time. I don’t want to think about tomorrow and just get going with today, tonight and we’ll see where things go.

That’s beside the point and I don’t want to say anything I might regret.

After this semester comes the summer, quite natural really. I wish I could just relax this summer, make easy, hourly wages and kick it at the beach or where ever the day brings me; but I can’t. We can’t afford to pay college, and in this economy I need a college education. So, once I talk to a recruiter and he says I’m good to go, and I plan on joining the Air National Guard.

Now I don’t want this to seem like I’m just doing this for to pay for college, because I’m not.

Anyway, this summer I’m going to boot camp and then training for a job I’ll be doing for an air base near me.

It’s really a big decision and it is going to change me, a lot. I’ve already started going to the gym to train for this, and I am really set on going for it. I think this will be good for me in multiple ways. Whether its my character, my job skills, my dedication, or my health; I want to go into the Air National Guard.

I’m looking at it like it is part of my duty as an American to go through this, which in my opinion it should be. –but that’s another entry for another day–

I guess what I’m saying is, that if you planned on seeing me this summer, it’s not happening and you’ll need to now before I go to boot camp (hopefully).


Moving on to the next step after this semester and this summer. I plan on getting my communication degree then from there getting my master’s degree somewhere, in something to be determined later.

After I get accepted into a BA program here at UNH, I’m not looking back. I plan on getting rich, and anyone in my way had better get on or get out of my way. Which is the 2nd song… I guess.

Anyhow, I’m not revealing my business plans here, but I am going to be successful, mark my words.

I will however have 4 or 5 degrees by the age of 26, between the 3 I plan on getting at actual colleges and the one or two I plan on getting online I will be ready and able to take whatever I want.

What I do plan on doing:

-Eventually launching this as a website

-Publishing a book (which has been “previewed” here previously)

-Buying land

-Way down the road-own a sports franchise


I think this is random enough.



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