Deadline Talk

Here it is,

Song of the day- Midnight Life by The White Panda

So here it is, one of the most pivotal days in Boston Celtics history; it is in my opinion at least. The trade deadline is here and Danny Ainge will be up all night trying to work something out. Or he’ll be up all night declining calls from every team from here to the golden gate bridge.

The Celtics are in a tough spot, and after last night’s loss to the rival Lakers, I feel now more than ever they need to make one or two earth shaking deals. Danny Ainge

These can come in any form; whether its Kevin Garnett to the Clippers, Paul Pierce to the Hawks, or Rondo to the Lakers. Danny should be making a move and it will potentially shape the league for years to come.

I want 2 of those deals to go through, and I’ll explain why each of them, if they are made will be a huge factor in the Celtics future.

The first aforementioned deal, with Garnett heading to the Clippers would bring Eric Bledsoe and DeAndre Jordan to Boston. I want this deal, I want it because it adds flexibility to the Celtics roster and makes them like a decade or two younger. However this deal looks stagnant at the moment and may need to be sweetened up for both teams. Perhaps add in Jason Terry on the Celtics side and a future draft pick on the Clippers side. It’d be a great trade that would help both teams in the now, and more the Celtics in the future.

Make it Danny!

The second deal above is the Paul Pierce for Josh Smith deal, which I do not want. Unless, unless of course the KG-deal is made. In which case the deal would make more than enough sense. If both deals are made the Celtics deal would look like:



Green-SF (Out of position, but more like Pierce?)


DeAndre Jordan-C


Courtney Lee, Brandon Bass, Jarred Sullinger, Fab Melo, Terrence Williams… That looks pretty good heading into next year not to mention only one or two guys are over 30.

Swing that if you can Danny!

The last, least possible deal is Rondo for Dwight Howard. As much as I hate and love Rajon Rondo, this should be the last resort deal. That would be if everything else fails and you feel like the only way to win now, and later is for Dwight to come to Boston. Not to mention you have to sign him this off season, and promise we are building around him. I don’t want this deal.

Last case resort Mr. Ainge.

Let’s see what happens. LET’S MAKE A DEAL!!!




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