Videos, Jenny Dell and a lot of Links


Song of the day- The Boys Are Back by the Dropkick Murphy’s 

So to start off this post is going to be random. I repeat, RANDOM!

I miss the summer, one because of the weather, which I posted about a while back.  I miss summer more because of the freedom of being able to do whatever I want like make these videos with my neighbors and brothers.

Those videos are some of the funnest parts of my summers which I’ll miss terribly as I get older. It is my dream to make videos professionally. Clearly I’m not headed in that direction at the moment. But I’ll get there.

Making movies is a skill, not a profession. That took a lot for me to say but seriously, anything I’ve made has all been self taught and sped through to finish them by the next day because my little brothers are impatient. I don’t think you should go to college for something you can learn in a 24 dollar book and the right software to edit videos. I know a few people, friends, who might get mad at me for saying that.

Before I say more, this is a random post, so I’ll stick to that theme.

I’m watching the Red Sox/Rays spring training game and I looked over and saw this beauty on the screen.

10502950-largeI think she has been the best sideline reporter NESN has, I mean look at her.

Not to mention she’s a local girl who is knows enough about the Red Sox, and went to UMASS. I loved Heidi Watney as much as the next Sox fan but boy NESN out-did themselves when they found Jenny. First off, I have heard that the CEO or whatever of NESN is a fiend and is really sexual toward the females who work there.

Compared to the other side reporter, Trisha Takanawa, I mean Noaoko Funanyama, for the Bruins; Jenny Dell is a goddess. Noaoko just stands there asks a question to Chara and trembles next to him because she’s afraid if she moves to quickly he might eat her.

Jenny Dell on the other hand has actual relations with the players. I mean she might even have “relations” with the players. Her and Willy Middlebrooks would make a Boston power couple, although Will has a girlfriend I believe.

Right now the Sox are losing its expected at this point. John Lackey started the game. We’re only down by 2 runs so Lackey pitched well. Judging by his 53 MPH fastball it wasn’t too bad.

So far from watching the game at the one year old spring training stadium, I like the it. It seems relaxing and enjoyable as baseball should be. Especially spring training ball.

I guess I just made this post because its been awhile. Some of you might have missed the past 2 if you follow me on twitter because I was saving a tweet for some friends.

Anyway, just take another look at Jenny Dell before you stop reading. Gorgeous.


Oh and- Tie game, home run Jose Iglesias!


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