Patriots Offseason Column


Today I’m feeling the song that I fell down some stairs to over the weekend(I was drunk), Hey Baby by DJ Otzi.

Nevertheless, that song is great, on repeat since I woke up the next day.

Today there has been a lot of Patriots talk, even on national TV. Mostly about the Tom Brady and then a little about the draft.

I think the Patriots have a huge opportunity her now that Brady reconstructed his contract. First off, it shows how much of a class act he is by restructuring his contract so the organization can have more cap room when they need it while it is flat. Also it shows that he wants to retire as a Patriot. He is focused on the now and later, he wants to see more rings come his way and leave on top.

To anyone, like Felger and other theorists, who think that Brady did this so he’ll get more money later in his career and did this move only for himself, is just plain crazy. Brady is the All-American golden boy. He has the story everyone wants to hear.


Tom Brady, born and raised in California in the Joe Montana Era got to grow up watching the 49ers have success. He idoled Joe Montana. He was at “the catch” game. He then went on to Michigan where he found success in football. He was a good quarterback there but a greater teammate. He and his family expected him to go in a higher round. He waited and waited and then all of a sudden it was the 6th round he and his family were devastated, and they couldn’t watch the NFL draft anymore. They went on a walk. When he got back he found he’d been drafted by the New England Patriot.

[Shades of gray on that mini bio]

From there he was nearly cut, but Bill Belichick kept him as the 4th string, he thought he saw something great in Tom. More than great Bill, more than great. It was in between his rookie season and his second season when he had a brief conversation with Bob Kraft, the owner of the team. He asked Bob, “Do you know who I am?”

Bob replied, “You’re our backup quarterback.”

Tom: “I’m the best damn decision you’ve ever made.”

And wasn’t he?

Arguably the greatest QB to play the game, certainly the greatest of his era. Tom went on to win 3 of 5 Super Bowls he went to, and brought a team to 16-0. He was the best decision Bob Kraft made.


Decisions, decisions, that is what the Krafts and Belichick will need to make.

They have cap space, they have a draft class that has depth of positions they need. What should they do?

I think they need to ditch Welker, as much as I like him and as much as he’s helped, he’s 32 and not getting any faster. Not to mention they haven’t won with him. He’s not a problem teammate, but we just haven’t won with him.

It might be time for the offense to go in a different playstyle. Away from the slot game, now that they have 3-4 runningbacks in the system that they can call upon for 2,3,4 yards. They should go in the “traditional” style; fast and tall receivers, big TEs, and the RBs previously mentioned.

Greg Jennings and Mike Wallace are both free agents, and I believe they need to go look deeply into getting them. I’m more of a Mike Wallace fan, and would think that he’d be a great addition to the roster.

Another replacement for Welker could be Danny Amendola also through free-agency, or Tavon Austin from the draft. He had great a 40 yard dash time and has looked just like Welker in his college career.


Now the defense:

Needs to sign Aqib Talib. Period.

Also needs to add another DB, whether through trade, free agency or the draft. The draft class looks deep, and I hope it is. The big name is Tyranne Matheiu, who would, in my opinion, only fit with the no tolerance Patriots. He would add depth and skills. However, if they can’t draft Austin in the 1st round they should draft a top DB. A big one too, 6’1″ or taller. Big receivers killed them last year. They really need Richard Sherman, but that trade won’t happen anytime soon.

They should draft a DT because Vince Wilfork isn’t getting any younger. Just someone who he could teach his ways too.

Also, I think if he falls to them in the 2nd or 3rd round, they should try for Manti T’eo. He has some skills, and with Spikes and Mayo alongside him the run defense will only get better.


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