Boston’s Mount Rushmore


The song today doesn’t have anything to do with the post (but its a hot jam), which I wanted to save for later but can’t seem to think of what else to write. So the song, without further ado is Footloose- by Kenny Loggins.

If you were wondering what I meant by “Mount Rushmore” I mean the 4 most important players to each of the 4 major sports in Boston.

To start the all-time Rushmore for Boston is:

Bruins- Number 4, Bobby Orr. The greatest defenseman to ever play the game of hockey. He could go goal line to goal line past everybody else and score with ultimate ease.

Celtics- I apologize to Larry Bird, but I have to go with Bill Russell. The second greatest center behind Wilt Chamberlain, however cases could be made that Russell was better. No one can really beat 11 rings in 13 years.

Patriots- Tom Brady. Do I really need to explain why, and is there any other option?

Red Sox- Teddy Ball Game- Ted Williams. If it weren’t for the war he would be the greatest baseball player to play the game. He was just a great player and person. His highlights are scarce.

I do have to sign off here. I’m going to watch Duck Dynasty. Tomorrow, unless there is groundbreaking, earthshattering sporting news I’ll break down the current Rushmore.



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