Trade Talk

Suggested Listening- My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark by Fall Out Boy

We finally got a win, I mean it seems like its been ages since the Bruins came to play. They didn’t exactly “come to play” tonight though, they just are a more talented team than the Sabres.


Tomorrow is April first, and although the Flames pulled an early April fool’s day joke on us with the Iginla “trade.”

Well no worries because, hey, puck don’t lie, and Crosby is out for a while. Oh oh, or karma’s a bitch huh?

The Bruins need a forward that is apparent and it is of utter importance that they trade to get a slick top 6 forward who is not afraid to stick up for himself and teammates.

Guys like that have been locked up long term and are on teams that have what the Bruins can trade, which is goaltending.

Yes, they have goalies to trade, Tuukka Rask being the biggest chip to trade. He can get the Bruins a talent now and perhaps a prospect or pick later. He is very young and talented. The thing is the Bruins also have talented goalies, Khudobin, Svedberg and Subban all having considerable talent. And are also young.

The way Khudobin performed tonight looks like he could take a load of the starts if necessary.

I say, trade Rask for the highest bidder and see what Khudobin can do, and what the newly acquired talent can score for him.

It couldn’t hurt could it?

Subban looks like he’ll only need 2 years to get up here, and that’s about the time that Seidenberg and Chara will really decline so its more that we need some scoring more than anything.

The Bruins need to make a trade and I can’t preach that any more than I have. Possible targets could be St. Louis (not for Rask one up), but he would help the dreadful powerplay and right the 3rd line.

I don’t know much about AHL prospects and the other team’s ones at that; but the Bruins could try to stand pat and see how their very own players could do.

No time like the present right?

Anyway, I got distracted and have some work to get done. They need to make a trade somehow, end of story.


+ The picture is of Crosby breaking his jaw and losing several teeth…

Who’s On First?

Suggested Music: The Boys are Back- Dropkick Murphys

Also suggested: Tessie – – Love that Dirty Water – – Sweet Caroline – – I’m Shipping up to Boston – – Tequila – – Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Well, if those got you in the mood, whether you listened to them or not, its baseball season. Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, spring is here and summer’s around the corner. Our first step toward cookouts is baseball. The season swings off tomorrow and you betcha its going to be a good one. baseball

I kinda take that back, its going to be like every year really, except this year neither the Red Sox or Yankees will be in it. Sad truth but this year we both suck.

The Yankees suck.

They always do really, but this year they actually are just awful at baseball. Their best player is 37 and has a bum ankle. Their best pitcher is fat, and their closer has overstayed his welcome in the bullpen longer than Castro in Cuba.

They are old, expensive and fragile. If they win more than 70 games you know that the AL East is just dreadful. However, they are not.

Minus the Red Sox that is. I like where we’re headed. Not this year though.This year is a gap year that’s just for fixing the structure of the clubhouse and keeping the sellout streak alive.

The next few years though…. Ohhhweee! We have some ball players coming up through the system and we are going to be a force to be reckoned with.

The first to arrive was Will Middlebrooks. He is hurt now but he will be there day in and out for us.

This year is looking like it’s going to be Jackie Bradley Jr.’s time to shine and win us over. He has dazzled all in spring training and doesn’t look to be slowing down. I almost hope that someone gets injured so he gets some playing time. I mean we need to get rid of Elsbury fast because he’s overrated and not as handsome once you realize that he’s 30 soon.

Also this year is the possibility of Jose Iglesias emerging and cementing himself at shortstop that has been a revolving door since… since… Nomar left…. (sorry I still get emotional… they traded him on my birthday dammit! I was 11 years old!)

Next year its probably going to be Xander Boegarts, Bryce Bentz or Rubby de La Rosa. The year after that… it could be anyone.

Hey, it could be me, you never really know.


+ Thanks for reminding me, and you know who you are

The Bigger Storyline-Bruins

Prisoner’s Song- Dropkick Murphys.

Well, after 3 periods, an overtime, and a shootout. The Canadiens are in first place in the division.

After erasing a two-goal deficit and turning into a two-goal lead, then blundering that into a tie, then losing it in the shootout is just awful. Especially to a team as slimy, grimy and pathetic as the Montreal Canadiens.

They do deserve to be in first, they played a hell of a game. But flopping is acceptable in soccer, not on the ice. They should know that, Canada basically invented the game.

The NHL needs to notice something about the diving/embellishment in the game lately. I mean, hey that means the sport is competitive but there needs to be a little change to that.

I don’t agree with anyone who says the NHL needs to ban fighting. If you’ve played any form of hockey, you understand the need to stick up for teammates and how frustrating it gets out there.

UntitledI’ll be fighting kids in intramural floor hockey.

However, the game was well played by the Bruins, and anyone who watched it knows the Habs got lucky. Bounced puck off of Seidenberg’s face and past Rask. A tip in by Chara… and then a questionable penalty in the last few minutes. I can’t say that the Canadiens were impressive. Although their backup goalies seem to be better than their starters. Remember Halak? And wayyyyy back when, Ken Dryden?ClassicRivalry

(Thanks a lot bin Laden!)

It is interesting how slowly word got out and connections were made between the Bruins resting prospects and Iginla being a healthy scratch. Social media huh?

And yes, it is, in my belief (12:03 Am) that Iginla will be a Bruin sooner than later. My speculations are that the Bs are trading Bartkowski, Khokhlachev, and a pick will be sent to Calgary for Iginla if he is willing to sign for 2+ years.

This might just help them offensively. And lORRd knows we need it.  The past two games they have shot and had way to many chances for them not to be going in the net. They need offense, they need more. I want more goals, we want more.

This is going to be a good move. I feel that we are giving up a lot of potential talent and it almost makes sense because we have a young core team and a budding AHL affiliate.

Iginla plays the way Cam Neely does, and in Black and Gold that is just fine with us. Maybe his play can rub off on good ol’ boy Lucic. I mean why not?

I feel the lines are going to be as follows:


Iginla will have good feeds from Krejci and with his soft hands and hard shot there will be goals aplenty. Lucic, who is overrated will fit just perfectly against some of the competition’s third-liners. As for the other two lines, keep them as they are, the chemistry is already there and production will fall in place. The defense, which has given up a few leads, is starting to worry me. Chara and Seidenberg can’t both play a half hour night in and night out. Dougie, who is good offensively isn’t strong enough to compete with a power forward just yet. Ference is what you’ve been getting the past few years so he’s fine. McQuaid and Boychuk are getting to be missed. As far as Aaron Johnson and Krug, they are doing ok but they can’t quite sustain the level of play that the injured pair can.

We will make the playoffs and it seems like there is just a small piece missing, maybe its that offensive touch, maybe its that we’re missing that little guy from Michigan in net. All I know is that the playoffs will be interesting.

As a fan, I want the cup. If in I’m the organization, I want an early exit. We got 82 games next year fellas.


+ Yes, that’s my UNH Confession, I’m like Marchand out there.

Kinda Slow

Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard

The other night I needed to do some thinking, I have some big decisions looming in my life, and well my dorm wasn’t the place to do that. The ocean was, so I headed out on the night roads and just drove. I was going faster and faster, and soon enough the song from above started playing. I cranked that sh&t and went even faster.

I started thinking: “I should probably slow down, I have to turn soon and maybe there’s…..”


Blue. Flashing. Lights.

The 5-0 were after me. I pressed down on the gas harder and sped past the turn I was going to take. Past the police station. Past the house where I fell down the stairs. I kept going, getting faster and faster. The lights that originally belonged to one cop car soon were joined by many cop cars.

The chase was lasting a long time, and soon I was near the ocean, where I was headed in the first place. It was soothing, but exhilarating at the same time. My car was carving all the turns on ocean boulevard (in Hampton NH) and soon I lost them.

Or so I thought.

I looked at my gas gauge and the light was on. Who knows for how long, but soon I felt the car start to shudder and I had to pull over. I got out of my car and didn’t know what to do.


To be continued…. my friend wants me to eat..

Also the Bruins were on.


The lights came around the corner and soon I saw the cars. I was about to be surrounded. I looked around at my surroundings, in front of me, four police cars, officers coming out, and the ocean. Can’t go that way. To my left, the road I came down. Maybe not.  The right, a steep hill and the road continued. Not feeling that. Behind me, a few trees and some mansions. Here goes nothin–

I quickly turned around and ran dodging each tree as they came. What started out as a clear view of each tree soon became a blur of brown and green and the flash of blue behind me faded away.

I was coming to a high fence but I couldn’t slow down, I leapt into the air and grabbed ahold of the wrungs. Pulled myself up and over and landed with a thud and felt that strange pain you feel in your heels if you’ve jumped from a height.

I spun around to see the cops slowing down near the fence. I looked at them in the eyes and then at the height of the fence.

Looked back at them and said, “Kinda slow?” Then I ran off.


Just kidding I got pulled over way before that happened.



How to Procrastinate

I like this new song by Afrojack- As Your Friend.

So you find yourself in the library, at your desk or on your bed. You have work to do my friend. Well, wait what’s that? Facebook. YouTube. Twitter. Barstool. Stumbleupon.

You now have the internet to check, and once you start it’s hard to stop! Well, since you’ve been sucked in you might as well not try to crawl out of the trap. Here are a few tips on how to continue your procrastination.

If this didn’t distract you than check these out:

Dirty Dan

Joe’s Razor Skills

and if neither of those interest you well here’s a video of a cat.


+ Yes I procrastinate by writing this.

This is the Tale of Captain Jack Sparrow

Pirate Flag by Kenny Chesney or Jack Sparrow by Lonely Island?

As far as I can remember I’ve thought pirates were the coolest. Actually that’s not true, I also think wizards, jedis, adventurers, spies, and crusaders are the coolest.

But after seeing the latest assassin’s Creed trailer, I have rekindled the flame that is my appreciation for pirates. And there’s another thing.

The other day the guys and I went out to luch at a burger place and then wanted a “scenic” route back home. Sounds gay, it’s not. So we drive down this road and see where it takes us, and we come to this pull off that leads us to a pebble filled beach and this:

securedownload (1)

An abandoned ship, cracked open on the side, and full of driftwood. My friend and I hiked up the side and ended up hanging out there for a little bit. It was really cool and was one of those random things that make this world interesting.

However, the story gets more interesting than just hanging around a shipwreck. There was a phone number written on the side in sharpie. One of my friends texts it- “found your boat”

A few hours go by and he notices he has a message from that number. The message says, “I see you’ve found my boat. I’m in Texas right now, but you can talk to me about buying the boat. Right now its for free, but you can call me for details.”

Needless to say my friend calls the guy back, because who wouldn’t want a boat? I feel stupid for not being the one to take the initiative.  I would love to have  boat, especially one that looks like that. I think it’s really cool!

If I was the one to “buy” the boat, I might not even want the boat to be able to float. The pictures don’t show it but one side is completely open. I would just want to fix it up and make it similar to the older brother’s hangout spot in rocket power.


I would fix it up a little bit, make it like a hangout spot for any passerby and homeless people to hangout and drink rolling rock in. Unless I got a house with land and then put it on my property and then make it a man cave. Either way I think it’d be in his best interest to fix it up a little. Right now he’s got as much of a boat as Captain Jack Sparrow in the second scene of the first movie.

It’d be pretty cool to own a boat at all, even a crashed one like that.


+ I started writing this before we found the ship, and then it turned into this.

+Harry Potter

+ Star Wars

+ Lord of the Rings

+ James Bond

+ Indiana Jones

Where’s Waldo?

A Little Bit Later On by Luke Bryan can get you started as I tell you about my most recent McDonald’s experience.


I honestly have gone to McDonald’s too much in the past few weeks. It’s just so easy for me to get food when I’m at work because it’s a 2 minute walk away. So lately, I’ve had a lot of burgers and fries.

It’s so unhealthy for me but I can’t help it. Anyway today was the second weirdest McDonald’s trip I’ve been part of.

Tonight my friend needed to move his truck from his parking lot to one closer to the dorm. I offered to drive him to it and me him and our other friend came along. We decided about halfway to my car that we wanted McDonald’s. After discussing it the rest of the walk to my car we saw it.

My car, covered in a foot or more of snow. I parked under a tree and the storm packed it all on my car, and so did the tree. I had too much snow on top of my car as well as around it; I’ll need a shovel tomorrow morning.

We turned on our heels and headed toward a bus stop to get the truck and eat some food.

The last time I went to McDonald’s with these two was the strangest experience.

Last year, around the same time of year, our hall went to Boston for a Celtics game. My friend and I were the only two guys going and our other two friends were already in Boston because they live there and were home for the weekend. So we met them at a McDonald’s in Boston and it was a regular old McDonald’s stay.

And then it happened.

Me and one of our friends we met up with were facing the doors and we were just minding our own, eating and such. The door opened and a grimy homeless person came in. He surveyed the place, growled, looked at my friend and I, growled again and left the building.

I honestly had no idea what just happened, luckily I didn’t get jumped while we were in Boston by that hobo.

That was the number one strangest McDonald’s trip.

Tonight’s will forever be up there.

So after jamming out to the song of the post, we parked and strolled up to a nearly empty fast food joint. There were two girls, an odd lovebird couple that was very clingy and young; then us.

We wait our turn and order as per usual. Then this “lurker” (as my friend described him accurately) comes into the establishment; he posts up at the counter and just kinda waits there. He is in high school, judging by his basketball jacket. Then the male lovebird comes up to the counter and complains about the burger being wrong and puts it on the counter.

The lurker goes over to it and observes it as if to see if he could commandeer the lost burger. He sets it down and resumes his post, lurking. Then the cashier calls the male lovebird’s name to get his corrected burger. The kid doesn’t notice. The lurker then looks at the new burger and brings it to the lovers’ table.

All of a sudden there are 3 new kids, all about our age, and they are high as all hell. They were cracking up and studying the dollar menu very very carefully. My two friends and I look at each other thinking “what is going on?”

We are still waiting for out food when the lurker moves from his post, and proceeds behind the counter. Wearing his boots and basketball clothes on. He bee lines it for the frialator and starts making the fries, moves from there to the computer to see what orders there are.

He either works there or is one friendly lurking fellow.

I get my food and sit down. The three randos are still contemplating the dollar menu. Then three more come into McDonald’s, they know the first set. All of a sudden there are about 12 of them while my two friends haven’t gotten their food yet. By the time my friends sit down there are maybe 18 of these random kids.

“Oh Jesus Christ,” my friend says. I follow his gaze, the two young lovebirds are midst make out.

We just stare down at our food and start shoveling it down. The lovebirds leave and I notice the girl was the one who drove. Yikes. Talk about revocation of that kid’s mancard….

As we are finishing the group of guys has gotten to about 20 at this point, and are still looking through the menu. We are stunned, we’ve been there for 25 minutes and so have they; just studying the menu.

We start to get up when one of them asks for 2 cents. They are trying to buy everything they can for 20 dollars. Apparently they went over.

We left and see around 6 or 7 more guys heading into the McDonald’s. If we had been but 2 minutes later it would’ve been the longest McDonald’s trip ever.


+ That’s Mickey D’s for you.