Why I haven’t been posting


Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch- Good Vibrations I just needed to hear this song. One because I needed to dance while I write this and two because I needed to cheer up.

Sorry I haven’t posted in a long ass time. I had some issues with a weekend that involved falling down some stairs, causing a ruckus, yelling at people and a few questionable phone messages left on people’s phones. And just some questionable decisions from the minute I fell down the stairs.

But another reason I haven’t been posting is because apparently my body just wants me to be sick. I had a terrible stomach bug one weekend, then that same week had the flu. Now this week I have caught the flu again and cough whenever I try to laugh or breathe out heavily. Its ridiculous.

And the one other reason I have not posted is very well written about in my friend’s WordPress which can be found here.

One thing I can add is that spring break is next week so if you have been waiting to read this lovely little column I have, you might have to wait til next week.


Quick thoughts:

+The Bruins can’t keep losing, if they do against Toronto on Thursday it’s going to be a long spring

+Red Sox are looking decent- can finish anywhere between 1st and 5th this year

+Celtics are making a push, trade Rondo in the offseason?

+Speaking of trades, Bruins need a scorer or a solid 3rd line defender



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