‘It’s Gonna be Hot’


It’s finally arrived and If You Ain’t Here to Party (by Luke Bryan) then you’re a squid.

Ok, I’m a squid to tell the truth. I have no plans for partying and this is the spring break I’m fine with it.

This spring break I need to get healthy from all the sicknesses I’ve attracted; then get ready for the next few months of school, drinking and fun.

I say fun because I just went through some girl drama, as in, I got myself into drama with a friend/more-than-friend that ended awkwardly for everyone. I can say this about it without getting too detailed: don’t get involved with in-hall flings, its always going to end strangely. Don’t talk to anyone about her, at all. And if she invites you to her friend’s place for a New Year’s Eve party, its probably best that you go for her not her friend. Also don’t unintentionally almost get her in a lot of trouble, whatever you’re doing, just shut your mouth.

I’m not supposed to talk about those things on this blog, but I guess that’s not going too in depth with names and such. Just know that the situation could not have taken any more of a corkscrew in as fast a time if I had tried to f*ck things up on purpose.

SO, for you ‘nice guys’ like me; shut the f*ck up and just see where things go. I had that going on for a while but slipped. I literally mean slipped, down some stairs and there it all went.

I’m not saying anymore about that situation except that I’m not completely over said girl, and seeing her and everything in the hall makes me jealous and all that. But I cannot make another run for her heart, because that’s how badly things turned.

I’m done asking for pity and all because I’m going to have to blend into the college guy trend, not get attached and just play it cooler than I actually am.

In the words of George Strait, “I ain’t here for a long time, I’m here for a good time.” Which clearly I strayed from over the past few weeks. It’s time for change and its time for:



This is what I’d like to be doing this next week, actually this is what I’d love to be doing. A week in paradise spending all your money on blow and beer? Can’t wait!

But not this spring break, not this one… I want to be lazy and get some information on my summer plans and just relax, maybe save some money for the next few months for something fun.

But the next 2-3 Spring Breaks will hopefully be me and some friends: “us wolves, running around the beach together looking for sluts and cocaine.” Okay maybe not that intense, I mean I’m not saying do that much coke, but hey, if one of my friends finds some roofies in Cancun or Tijuana, go for it, spike my drank!

Seriously now, in college you shouldn’t go anywhere but home your first two spring breaks (unless you have a rich dad). Those spring breaks should be for saving up for your next 2 or 3 depending on your plan. You need to get big plans ready, plans so big and ridiculous that you end up getting something wild tattooed as a tramp stamp. Even if you’re a dude, get that tramp stamp because those are memories. Memories.

Your junior year you should go somewhere and get a layout of how things go, you need to have a plan and ideas ready for the following one because why the h#ll not? I’m all for going in there blind, but I know that after those few shots of tequila go down, so do my pants and so will my morals, but hey, I’m feeling like a champ until the next morning. I’m just saying next year if I go anywhere I need to get ready for the following year.

Senior year is go time, its the big leagues, you have a job next year. Go f*cking HAM on the beach don’t let anything slow you down, anything! I mean this guy tells is straight.

But not this year, this year is slow and lame and squidy. I need a break and this spring break is going to be just the ticket. I’m hoping that I just get 3-4 days of nothing special and laziness, watch a few movies, watch the Bruins, have some of our basemen’t keg beer and just kick it back. I don’t even want to think about school or anyone in my hall, its not personal its just called spring “break” for a reason. So if I ignore you, and if you have an iPhone you’ll know, its not you, its me.

For lack of a better term, wild boar.


+If I text you, take it personally

+UNH needs a win tomorrow

+UMaine, the least classy school to exist, seriously?! No handshake? In hockey, even in a 7 game cutthroat series with your most hated rivals you shake their d^mn hands! That’s unacceptable!

+Celtics are looking good, nice OT win fellas


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