What do I do with my Hands?


To start off a few songs, What Was I thinkin’ -Dierks Bentley (may or may not have been on here before) and Summertime Blues by Alan Jackson.

The reason for the first is because I really don’t know what I’ve been thinkin’ lately. And as for the Summertime Blues, its should be more like, college life blues, or my life because I have those exact problems because my job is shaky at best.

I hate to admit it but I work at the Banana Republic Factory store. I need a new job!

I dread going in everyday because its not what I like or want to do. It’s such a different style of job than I’d like to do. I mean I feel like more of a b*tch working here than I did when I was a bus boy. All I do is clean up after people’s messes and ask them how there day is or if they need help. Jesus, what am I?

I feel like I need a job that suits me and is something I want to do, not something for just the money. Which is why I have this job.

I didn’t “choose” to work there but I took the job anyhow. Early in the school year I was a waiter at a restaurant I worked at for a year and was doing well, I had a nice system going on, pay check went in the bank and tips under $50 were only pocket money. I was doing well and spending it when needed. It was the best of times, and then came the worst of times.

One Sunday I was getting ready for work, and showered, shaved and I checked my phone, as we all do now a days. And what I see is ‘Crazy about the restaurant?’

‘What??’ I responded. I soon find out that they just up and shut down. I was jobless. I know the owner was an alcoholic but I didn’t think enough to shut it down. So instead of doing anything, I cracked a beer and watched the Patriots.

The next day I went to the outlets and went in to pick up a bunch of applications. I soon found myself feeling guilty of not saying hi to my sister at the banana republic. So I did and explained my situation. Before I knew it I had an interview the next day.

The rest is history and now I feel like I’m strangers’ bitch boy.

Maybe I just feel overqualified for being a hourly paid sales person because I’m going to have my associate’s degree in May, which is enough to mange a store like that. Or maybe it’s because I’ve been blogging lately and need to feel like an entitled prick, but I need a job that suits me.

I’m not saying that I’m better than salespeople, but I’m just not interested in “selling” clothes, I just stand in the fitting room taking people’s unloved clothes and it isn’t fun. I need a real sales job if anything. Get me at a place I’d want to work, not need to work.


+That was a little venting, my apologies

+UNH couldn’t pull off a victory on senior night, disappointing but now we need a strong showing in the playoffs

+Two Us, two Ks and two points against the f*cking flyers there we go bruins!

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