The Truth Hurts


So I’ll lead off with Sam Adams’ Driving Me Crazy as the warm up song.

Well, first off, sh!tty loss today. And secondly I planned on watching the whole thing, but got pulled off to do errands by my mom. Spring break problems, right?

I got back and it was the 4th quarter and we were not in good shape. The Thunder were winning by 9 or so when I turned on the TV. And Westbrook and Durant weren’t on the floor. Our starting 5 was. It was not good.

Kendrick+Perkins+Kevin+Garnett+Oklahoma+City+plwKjab7COalThen we went small, putting 3 guards on the floor with Pierce and Bass as our bigs. The Thunder countered with Ibaka and Perkins. The Celtics had no choice but to put our “bigs” in. With KG and Bass at the 5 and 4 we still couldn’t cut it.

Jason Terry continued his late 4th quarter 3s but it was too little too late. The Celtics didn’t stand a chance. They lost the game, and it was a big game to win.

But more about why they didn’t win later; first I need to get something off my mind. Now, I’m a big fan of playing sports video games or even watching them on TV while listening to music. During the portion of today’s game I watched all I heard was the PA system. It seemed like they never turned it off! Every time the teams would drive up the court another song would be on. Whether it was pump up the jam or the cha cha slide, all there was, was music. If I’m and NBA player one, that’s obnoxious, and two if you’re going to play music, play music the players want. It’s also really annoying from the viewers perspective, at home and in the seats. Excuse me, I’m trying to watch the game and get the experience while I’m there. I didn’t pay 80+ dollars to sit and listen to Jock Jams. Although I would pay that much for an original CD again. And if I’m at home I’m trying to listen to Jack Edwards or Tommy Heinson or muting it because Joe Buck is saying something. I’m not trying to listen to the Heat’s PA announcer say “KING JAMES FOR THREEEEE” no thanks.


Okay but back to why the Celtics lost. They can’t get over Kendrick Perkins. In more than just playing the Thunder. They haven’t had a true center since he left. At least someone who is fine with the dirty minutes and racking up rebounds. Please Danny Aigne, bring up Fab Melo. He is a carbon copy of Perkins. What Melo lacks in meanness he makes up for in ugly.

The Celtics won’t win in a 7 game series without a big. Not against the Pacers, the Knicks, the Nets, the 76ers (with Bynum), the Clippers, the Lakers, or the Thunder. Especially the Thunder. They can’t get over the trade that brought Jeff Green here. None of the Celtics players from the before time can get over the big guy Perkins, and Jeff Green can’t get over how jealous he is that the Thunder are so good.

It’s the facts of life, and we have to put up with that until we get that big, huge, scary, dumb, ugly guy they call Fab Melo on the floor. Well to leave you with a song, Til Tomorrow, by David Dallas.


+Notice how I left the Heat out of the list of teams the Celtics can’t beat? Well, we can and will beat them in a 7 game series. Whether its this year or next year, we will beat the d^mn Heat.

+ And to leave you with his ugliness I present FAB MELO:



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