What Time is it?


I’m not sure what time it really is? First song, don’t actually listen to this because I just looked it up to get to the next song. The next song, which makes me think of that movie is Power of Love by Huey Lewis.

Now technically its 10:50 AM, but really at least so I can feel less lazy, it’s 9:50 AM. Which is much more acceptable to wake up at.

However, I have been awake since 8:20 AM yesterday’s time, 9:20 AM today’s time. Make sense?

I don’t really care what time it is today as long as I am infront of a TV at 1:00 PM to watch the Celtics/Thunder game.

bos_u_green_b1_400This game is important for both teams, not only is this sort of the beginning of the stretch but both teams are trying to establish themselves even more than they already are.

For the Thunder this game is pivotal because they need to keep their home court a fortress where no one can come into and beat them. They are 27-4 at home this year. That’s scary for most teams. They also need to show to the rest of the NBA that you can’t be afraid of the Celtics, as the Celtics wish you to believe.

This is also important for Kevin Durant, he’s going to matched up against Paul Pierce and Jeff Green, both can slow him down, as they have slowed Lebron James over the years. Look at Green’s defense on Mr. James the last Heat/Celtics game. Very good. If Durant can show better than him then this spring is going to get interesting, and you bet that the two that met last year in the finals might do it again.

This game, as well with most games at this point in their season, is a must win for the Celtics. They are 14-4 without Rajon Rondo and they have been making emotional wins lately. If they can win today it’ll be rather emotional for everyone involved.

Most emotional if Jeff Green lights it up like he has been the past few games. Not only will this sky rocket him into ultimate confidence against any opponent if he has a good game offensively, but this game will put all of the heart issues way in the past. If he does well defensively against Durant, like I mentioned above, this will step his game up one more level. That will make the Celtics even less desirable to face in the coming months because their defense is stingy. On and off the bench.

The key to the Thunder winning:

Kendrick Perkins and Serge Ibaka big inside, rebounds.

The Key to the Celtics winning:

Jeff Green’s success and Avery Bradley’s defense.

Tip off’s at 1:00 PM. Wake up and get in front of a TV!



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