Southern Comfort Zone by Brad Paisley is the song that might best accompany what I’m going to cover in this post.

I love this song, if only it was more applicable to me. See, I’m from nowhere, New Hampshire so I haven’t experienced much. Now, in five to ten years I pray to god that this isn’t the case.

I want to travel, alone or with people, as long as I get to see the world. I want to go from coast to coast in America. Then go ‘cross the pond and visit all around Europe, not just the classic big cities but some of the smaller towns so I can really get the feel of my ancestry.

Today I just want to talk about America. The greatest country on earth.


In America I want to see every detail of the USA, the poor, the rich, the big, the small, everywhere. Except Compton, I’m white, I could die.

I Love America and that’s the important part of life. If you really live the American dream you’re going to make a name for yourself. You’re going to do what you can to achieve life, liberty and the pursuit of happyness. <– that’s how its spelled in the Declaration, and my computer that’s made in China, no doubt told me it’s spelled wrong. That rubs me the wrong way.

A lot of people these days, my generation and younger, don’t have the American dream in mind. They feel entitled because they have so much compared to everyone else. They feel like they should just be given everything and achieve nothing. They don’t really get the whole “trying” aspect of things. If you fail you fail, so what? Pick up your britches and get on with it.

It all starts with childhood, and today’s children are too protected. They don’t have competitive sports, they all win and no one is left behind. These kids are so sheltered they will never know what it feels like to lose until they are 16 when they fail their driver’s test. Then they’ll all go into a downward depression and poof there goes college soccer.

If people weren’t so material anymore than this wouldn’t be an issue. Yes, in this world you need a phone, laptop, and car. Everything else is just wants. And that’s what this country is all about right now. Not a good “all about” that’s what we are, we want this we want that. I just want it to go back to a proud country and one that passively controls the world.

Sorry for ranting.


+ Maybe later tonight I’ll talk about traveling and what this post was about originally.

– Liberals

+ Conservatives

+ Baseball


+ Get it?


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