That Was Fast


Drunken Sailor by The Irish Rovers to get you going.

So after watching SportsCenter this morning, apparently the Ravens have been asking for Anquan Boldin to take a paycut so they can contend this year. He hasn’t said much besides, no I’m not taking a pay cut. But Joe Flacco, the richest NFL player is talking. A lot.

flacco mustache Joe Flacco needs to cool his jets, honestly dude. Good for you and your MVP and new contract, but cool it skippy. So after declaring his greatness this past summer and we all laughed at him and made fun of him; he and more importantly his defense and his running backs and his wide receivers won the Super Bowl.

No doubt you need a good quarterback to make these fall in place, but Joe Flacco didn’t do everything for the franchise, like he’d have you believe. His receivers, Anquan Boldin, Jacoby Jones and Torrey Smith all were huge this year. Not to mention Drew Pitta can smash people when he catches the ball. Oh and hey diddle diddle, Ray Rice up the middle. Joe, you can throw the ball far, and that’s good and all, but the skill position players on your team did it all.

I’m going to look at the 2 games they played against the Patriots this year as my samples. Well, those were the only ones that I saw the Ravens play. In the first game Torrey Smith and a “missed” field goal, with replacement refs on the field, the Ravens won. Torrey Smith, played a h&ll of a game in the wake of his brother’s death. He was playing for his brother, and Joe Flacco can throw the ball far. That’s pretty much how they won that game.

Pretty sure they lost the next 4 by the way.

Then came the playoffs and the Ravens were just riding upon Ray Lewis’ deer antler spray and his retirement tour. Yes, the Ravens played well against the Patriots, the unhealthy Patriots, as they hired Satan’s assistant, Bernard Pollard to re-injure Gronk. Then they also had him concuss Stevan Ridley. And Anquan Boldin played out of his mind. Joe, what did you do? Threw it higher than the Patriots CBs could jump. I can do that.

Where’s my money?

Ok those are what I’m a little bitter about. However, I am mad that Joe Flacco is already talking this much smack. First about Boldin, and he also dissed Ray Lewis. The greatest linebacker of all time. Yes, Lewis’ pregame activities were out there. And yes they made people laugh but you don’t say that 2 months after he helped you win a Super Bowl and was a teammate of yours for your entire career. It’s disrespectful and is ultimately just stupid of someone with Joe Flacco’s status to say.

I just don’t like Joe Flacco. I hope that Bernard Pollard is on the other team one of these days and does one of these  things to him.


+I think I might have said something good about Joe Flacco once, and predicted the Patriots down fall to them, only a year earlier.

– The 2nd to last paragraph.


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