Time to Score


Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy by Big & Rich to get you going here.

The Bruins need depth, scoring depth. Or a defensemen for the 3rd line of defense.

That seems to be the consensus about the Bruins.

I vote that we get a scorer. Names like Jerome Iginla, Correy Perry, Stephen Wiess, and others have been tossed around like beers on a Friday night. I don’t really want them to give up a lot of picks or prospects; we don’t want the next Phil Kessel kinda trade do we? Unless we get picks.

SADDLEDOMEI want Jerome Iginla. At first I was thinking, no I don’t want an older winger that wouldn’t get much done. After watching todays game where our 3rd line couldn’t get sh*t done, we need him.

I don’t know the exact state of things in the Calgary franchise, but I know that Iginla is their only bright spot. And he’s relatively old.

If I’m the Bruins, we trade Caron and Borque for him and then shuffle the lines until we get a good fit.

Yes, Iginla is a top-6 forward in Calgary, but I think he would fit great with Kelly/Peverley and he’d skate circles around the other team’s 3rd line. However, if he begs for top-6 opponents then we’d put him with Krejci and Lucic.

I say Lucic on that line because he cannot skate with the same agility and speed that the Kelly line does.

Of course Kelly just left the game for an injury so maybe its time for Seguin to become a center, or the Bruins get one through trade. We’ll see what Chiarelli can come up with.

If he makes any trades I hope that they are only for semi-proven prospects, like Caron and Borque. There’s no need to give up the farm system for a player that is going to play on the 3rd line. The only way I’d be acceptable to a farm-for-player trade would be if we brought Patrick Kane here. Chiarelli would need to pull some serious strings, but hey, guy can dream right?

Look at the “Kane trade” lines:


Remember that’s just a figment of my imagination. But the real possibility to a trade would be for Iginla:


I say, make it if it’s there, and don’t look back. In Claude’s system 3rd line gets just as much playing time as 1st and 2nd, so to get Iginla would be key, because they would be deep and threatening to put them over the top, because they need it.




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